Kemerburgaz Forest

Kemerburgaz Urban Forest, the largest of Istanbul’s forests and picnic spots, is right on the shore of Alibeyköy Dam Lake. It is a very large picnic area easily accessible from everywhere.

Most people come here for sportive activities. You can take a long walk along the walking areas overlooking the Alibeyköy Dam Lake and breathe in plenty of oxygen rather than the concrete air of the city. It is also a pleasure to have breakfast in the picnic areas here. Since the area is large, it is possible to have a picnic without anyone being too close.

There are also bicycle rental and battery-powered motorcycle rental options. But it is best for those who have the means to bring their own bicycles. So you can ride as you wish and get away from the crowded places.

Kemerburgaz Kent Ormani Yuruyus Alanlari
Kemerburgaz Urban Forest - Bike Rental
Kemerburgaz Urban Forest - Bike Rental

Near the entrance to Kemerburgaz City Forest, there is a 400 square meter ice rink in a white tent. The ice rink is in service until the end of March and is not used after the winter season ends.

Unlike the Belgrade Forest, barbecues are not allowed here. Thus, it is a great location for those who do not want to spend time among barbecue fumes. A suggestion might be to bring your hot drinks or tea in a thermos. It is a very good decision that the community, who heard that barbecues are forbidden, do not want to come back. Please don’t come back. Despite this, there are still many people who leave their garbage lying around and do not pick it up from where they left it. The security guards should warn these people and even fine those who litter so that this place can become a more beautiful place.

How much is the entrance fee to Kemerburgaz Forest?

Since it is a municipal facility, entrance fees are not expensive. You can even get a certain amount of discount if you pay through the app. You can find the details of the application on the information boards. The parking area is sufficient. If you come at an ordinary hour, you may encounter a queue of vehicles at the entrance.

Kemerburgaz Kent Ormani Giris Kapisi
Kemerburgaz Kent Ormani Otopark Alanlari

Where is Kemerburgaz Forest and how to get there?

The urban forest is located on the European side of Istanbul, in Eyüpsultan district, close to Pirinççi Village in Göktürk. If you are going by private car, you should continue on the Hasdal Kemerburgaz road. You can reach the urban forest by taking the Habibler sign after the Kemerburgaz intersection.

  • 48G – Göktürk – Pirinççiköy – Mescid’i Selam
  • 48R City Forest – 4. Levent Metro

Those who want to go by bus can also prefer these buses passing through the Kent Ormanı stop, which is the bus stop at the entrance of the forest.