Rumeli Feneri Castle

Another point you should definitely visit during your visit to Rumeli Lighthouse is Rumeli Castle. Built on a large rock carved by the Black Sea, Rumeli Castle dates back to the Genoese, but was rebuilt during the reign of Murad IV.

The arched observation areas of the castle overlooking the sea create a wonderful view. One of the towers of the castle, which was used as a police station during the Republican Period, was rebuilt in reinforced concrete.

Rumeli Kalesi Genel
Rumeli Kalesi Kule

In the castle, which is abandoned to its own fate, you may come across garbage and people picnicking under the arched observation areas. There are garbage piles at various points of the arches due to the garbage of picnickers. The problem is not only garbage, the walls of the castle, which was strategically important in its time and used for military purposes for 400 years, have been turned into a blackboard. The castle is also a hangout for drunks.

Rumeli Kalesi Ici
Rumeli Kalesi Kayasi

You can park your car in the large dirt area near the castle. You can enjoy watching the Rumeli Lighthouse opposite. Especially if you have brought something to eat and drink with you, this pleasure can be even more meaningful. You can also enjoy this pleasure by sitting in one of the arched structures of the castle facing the sea, but it is useful not to dress thinly considering that the weather may be cool and windy.

Rumeli Kalesinden Fener
Rumeli Kalesinden Fener 2

Where is Rumeli Feneri Castle and how to get there?

If you want to reach Rumeli Feneri Village by bus, you can use the number 150 Hacıosman Metro – Rumelifeneri bus. The bus passes Koç University and Garipçe Village and reaches Rumeli Feneri and its surroundings.