Rumeli Lighthouse, the Keeper of the Boats

Rumeli Lighthouse, which has an endless view of the Black Sea, is known as the most extreme point of the European side of the Bosphorus. Also known as Türkeli Lighthouse and giving its name to the nearby Rumeli Lighthouse Village, Rumeli Lighthouse with a visibility of 18 nautical miles was built in 1986 to help British and French ships on their routes during the Crimean War, just like the Anatolian Lighthouse.

The fishing harbor right next to it is home to dozens of boats. The breakwater, which was built to prevent the boats in the harbor from hitting the shore due to the waves, has enabled the colorful boats to come together in such a way that beautiful images can emerge from each other.

Rumeli Feneri Limani
Rumeli Feneri Liman Gezisi

The entrance to the lighthouse, which was called Panium in ancient times, is not free. Inside the lighthouse is the tomb of Sait Saltuk, a folk hero who played an important role in the conquest of Rumelia and was known as fearless. Because according to the rumors, the construction of the lighthouse, whose demolition could not be prevented, should be built on the tomb due to a dream. The grave of Sait Saltuk, the subject of legends, is found and the lighthouse is built over the grave. So much so that Prince Cem Sultan even had a Saltukname prepared for Sait Saltuk, which included his life and legends.

A fanus’u azim on a high tower out of the castle – Evliya Çelebi

You can sit on the benches right in front of Rumeli Lighthouse, which is 58 meters high from the sea and 30 meters long, and watch the harbor, boats, birds and the sometimes rough Black Sea.

Rumeli Feneri Gezi Rehberi
Rumeli Feneri Genel

Where is Rumeli Feneri and how to get there?

Rumeli Feneri Village is 21km (30 minutes) from Maslak and 4km (8 minutes) from Garipçe Village. If you want to go to Rumeli Feneri Village by bus, you can use the number 150 Hacıosman Metro – Rumelifeneri bus. The bus passes Koç University and Garipçe Village before reaching Rumeli Feneri. During your visit to Rumeli Feneri, you can also visit Rumeli Castle, which can be seen from the area where the lighthouse is located, and Garipçe Village, 3 kilometers south.