Most Beautiful Beaches and Bays for Swimming in Sile

Şile is located approximately 70 km from Istanbul and is known as a beautiful holiday resort on the Black Sea coast. Standing out with both its historical and natural beauties, Şile becomes one of the frequent destinations for Istanbulites and vacationers, especially in the summer months. Şile’s nature, sea and clean air offer visitors a peaceful holiday environment.

Since there are sunbeds, umbrellas, toilets, food and beverage points, dressing cabins on the beaches and beaches of Şile, I will not write them one by one so that there is no word crowd.

Of course, sunbeds are paid everywhere and the prices vary depending on the place and the time of the week. To get away from the crowds, people, concrete and spend some time in the serenity of the beaches, here is the list of Şile beaches and bays.

Sile Public Beaches

Ayazma Beach Sile Public Beach

Şile Public Beach, also known as Ayazma, is the perfect option for those who want to escape from Istanbul. Ideal for weekend getaways, this beach draws attention with its proximity to Istanbul and its natural beauty.

Ayazma offers a wonderful beach 1175 meters long and 50 meters wide. Offering a natural paradise to its visitors with its yellow sands and clear waters, Ayazma is a natural protected area and a blue flag beach.

Ayazma Beach is also rich in social facilities. There are areas on the beach where you can meet your sunbeds, umbrellas and other needs, as well as toilets and dressing cabins.

Ayazma Beach
Ayazma BeachVolkan Işılay

There are kiosks near the beach where you can buy food and drinks. This beach, where you can enjoy the sea and the waves, is a place where people of all ages and walks of life can have a pleasant time.

Şile Public Beach is located at the entrance of Şile and is right next to the harbor. Entrance is free of charge and services such as parking lot, WC, shower and changing cabin are paid. This beach, which is the most popular address for weekend sea pleasure especially in summer, can be a bit dangerous due to the wavy waters of the Black Sea. Therefore, it is useful to be careful. Lifeguard service is available, but it is still important to take precautions.

Sofular Village Public Beach

Sofular Village Public Beach, which attracts attention with its proximity to Istanbul and is only 15 km away from Şile district center, offers free entrance to its visitors as a wide beach with a length of 2300 meters. You can have a comfortable and pleasant sea experience with its fine sand, shallow sea and deep blue waters.

You can sunbathe, swim and have a picnic in the promenade area around Sofular Village Public Beach. There are also restrooms, changing cabins, showers, buffets, umbrellas and sun loungers, lifeguard service, picnic and camping areas on the beach. In the promenade area, there are tables in the trees and facilities such as barbecue samovars. However, those who come after 9 pm have less chance of finding a table.

Places to swim in Şile
Places to swim in ŞileBayram Atık

Although the sea is usually choppy, you can swim only 5-10 meters from the shore where the water comes up to your waist. On weekends, especially on Sundays, the beach can be quite crowded. If you are looking for a quieter experience, consider visiting on weekdays.

Sofular Village Public Beach also offers the opportunity to camp by setting up a tent for a fee. For those who want to experience a vacation close to Istanbul, Sofular Village Public Beach stands out as an ideal option with its natural beauties and the opportunities it offers.

Kabakoz Village Beach

Kabakoz Village Beach, which is only 15 km away from Şile district center, stands out as an ideal option for those who want to spend a quiet and peaceful holiday. It can be considered a hidden paradise for those who want to get away from the crowded and noisy beaches of Istanbul.

Among the most remarkable features of Kabakoz Village Beach are its clear and deep blue sea and its wide sandy beach covered with fine sand. With a length of 350 meters, this small beach offers free entrance and offers a quiet holiday experience to its visitors.

Şuayipli Village Beach

Şuayipli Village Beach offers a quieter and more peaceful holiday experience, especially on weekdays. This 3 km long and 50 meters wide beach is located close to Ağva. The beach has fine sand and the sea is shallow and wavy.

You can sunbathe on the long sandy beach of Şuayipli Village Beach, take walks and enjoy the sea and the beach. The beach has restrooms, changing cabins, showers, umbrellas and sun loungers for rent. There is also a lifeguard service and a cafeteria. If you don’t want to pay for sunbeds, you can bring your own umbrella and set it up wherever you want.

Sile Akçakese Public Beach

Akçakese Public Beach in Akçakese village is like a hidden paradise in Istanbul. Famous for its 1 km long natural wonder beach, the beach offers a wonderful holiday opportunity thanks to its fine sandy clean beach and shallow sea.

Akçakese Public Beach, where you can enter for free, has many facilities. In addition, the beach area is also very suitable for those who want to camp. This wonderful beach with countless bays is ideal for those looking for a quiet and peaceful vacation in Istanbul.

Sile Plajlari Akcakese Halk Plaji

Akçakese Beach, which is very crowded in the summer months, is preferred for trekking and photography activities in the winter months. Surrounded by large and small bays, the beach is suitable for visitors of all ages. However, an important point to keep in mind is that the beach is connected to the Black Sea and can be wavy and rough from time to time. For this reason, it is useful to be careful when sending your children to the sea.

Karacakoy Beach

Karacaköy Beach stands out as one of the most beautiful bays of the Black Sea. With its turquoise sea and clean fine sandy beach, this beach is ideal for a natural and clean sea holiday. The beach, which is only 15 minutes away from the center of Ağva, is about 200 meters long.

Sile Plajlari Karacakoy Plaji
İsmail Boyacıgil

Thanks to its natural harbor feature, the sea is waveless and quite calm. You can easily see the bottom of the water in the clear sea. Since the sea is a bit rocky, it is useful to wear sea shoes. Pedestrian access to the beach is free of charge, but a fee is charged for vehicle access.

Sahilköy Public Beach

For those who want to escape the crowds of Istanbul, Sahilköy Public Beach in Şile district offers a quiet and calm sea vacation with its soft fine sandy beach.

The clean, deep blue sea and shallow sea structure are especially suitable for children and those who have no experience swimming in the Black Sea. However, there are rocks and stones in the sea, so people may have difficulty swimming comfortably. You need to be careful not to hit your feet on the stones.

Sile Plajlari Sahilkoy Halk Plaji
Zekeriya Güneş

Access to the beach is free of charge, but changing cabins, showers, umbrellas and sun lounger rentals are limited. There are places near the beach where you can meet your needs such as grocery stores, but it is still recommended to provide your food and beverage needs before coming to the beach.

Kurna Public Beach

Located 60 km from Istanbul and 30 km from Şile district, Kurna Public Beach offers a great option for nature lovers. At this point where the deep blue sea meets the forest area, you can experience a calm and peaceful holiday experience.

Kurna Public Beach has a calmer atmosphere compared to other places in Şile. At this beach, where you can enter for free, you can enjoy the wavy sea and the clean long sandy beach. However, due to the wavy sea, it is important for non-swimmers and children to be careful.

The sand is very fine and the beach has a natural beauty. This coast, which opens directly to the Black Sea, is quite wavy and has remained untouched because not many people come here for this reason. Here you can enjoy the sea, the beach and the sun in a calm and quiet way.

It offers an experience in touch with nature with its location right next to the forest. However, there are no restrooms, changing cabins or any facilities on the beach. For this reason, it is important to provide your needs before coming to the beach.

Doğancılı Public Beach

Doğancılı Public Beach is a natural and untouched beach located only 20 km from Şile district center and stands out with its 2100 meters long beach. Known as one of the unspoiled beauties of Şile, this beach is frequently preferred by holidaymakers thanks to its ease of transportation.

Sile Plajlari Dogancili Halk Plaji
Cüneyt Yalınkılıç

Although the sea is shallow and wavy, the fine sandy beach of Doğancılı Public Beach offers visitors a clean and calm environment. Although entrance to the beach is free of charge, there is a charge for vehicle entrance and parking.

However, due to the pristine and natural nature of the beach, there are no businesses or facilities that can meet the needs of visitors. For this reason, it is important to be prepared when coming to the beach and plan your needs in advance.

Kumbaba Beach

Kumbaba Beach in the district of Şile, which is approximately 70 km from Istanbul, is a place of historical and health importance, not only for its beauty. This beautiful beach, which appears when you turn left before entering Şile and proceed for about 2 km, is located just below Kumbaba Hill, one of the touristic areas.

Especially the sands of Kumbaba Beach attract attention. These sands are known to be good for rheumatic diseases since the Byzantine Empire period and it is known as the place where sand bathing was done at that time.

Kumbaba Beach, which is frequently preferred by local and foreign tourists, is a great option not only for enjoying the sea and sand, but also for both caravan and tent camping if you are interested in camping.

The 3 km long beach’s soft sandy beach, clear blue sea and beautiful environment offer different pleasures day and night. The social facilities in the area are also quite satisfactory. If you want to stay, there are hotels near the beach and cafeterias for meals.

Aging Rocks Public Beach

Weeping Rocks Public Beach is a popular public beach with its blue flag, clean sea and sandy beach. The beach, which got this name because the water flowing from the rocks in the region is likened to a human tear, fascinates its visitors with its natural beauties and peaceful atmosphere.

Pedestrian entrances to the Weeping Rocks Public Beach are free of charge, while vehicle entrances are available for a fee. Thanks to its shallow and wavy sea, it offers an ideal environment for both swimming and water sports. The beach has toilet, changing cabin, shower, cafeteria and lifeguard services, so you can have a comfortable and safe holiday experience.

Şile Beach Locations

Fusha Beach

Located in the Şile district of Istanbul, Fusha Beach has a wide and fine sandy beach that welcomes its visitors with its clear and clean sea. Located within the borders of Şile Ayazma Beach, this beach is known as the other name of entertainment for Istanbulites. Fusha Beach, which stands out with its naturalness and cleanliness, is a paradise for holiday lovers coming from Istanbul and surrounding provinces.

You can enjoy the sea, sand and sun at Fusha Beach. The beach, which is accessible for a fee, offers services such as toilets, changing cabins, showers, umbrellas and sunbeds, buffets, cafeterias, restaurants and lifeguards for visitors.

Sile Plajlari Fusha Beach
Fusha Beach

In addition, the lodges on the beach are among the facilities you can benefit from by paying a separate fee. It is important to remember that you cannot enter this place without a dams. You can feel the comfort on this beach, which is indispensable for those who want to get away from the chaos in the city and immerse themselves in calmness.

Aqua Beach Club – Uzunkum Beach

Uzunkum Beach, one of the popular and blue flag beaches in Şile, is a wonderful place that shows the generosity of nature. Here, the sea and the greenery are intertwined and there is a clean sea covered with fine sand. The length of the beach is about 1 kilometer and is ideal for those who want to swim in shallow and waveless waters.

Uzunkum Beach serves both as a public beach with free entrance and as home to Aqua Beach Club, which offers luxury services with an entrance fee. Aqua Beach Club, as a private business, offers its visitors a quality and decent environment. There are services such as restrooms, changing cabins, showers, umbrellas, sun loungers, lodges, restaurants, cafeterias and bars.

Aqua Beach Club, where you can make unforgettable memories with your loved ones during the summer months, attracts attention with its high-level services and entertainment opportunities. There is also an area where you can play beach volleyball on the beach, so you can make your vacation more fun. With the advantages included in the entrance fee, you can spend a peaceful holiday with your loved ones and family at Aqua Beach Club.

Saklikoy Beach

Saklıköy Beach, located in Kabakoz in Şile region, stands out as one of the natural wonder bays with its clean and spacious environment. This decent family-run beach opens its doors to visitors with paid entrance. With the facilities it offers on paid beaches and a comfortable beach experience, Saklıköy Beach is appreciated by its guests.

Sile Plajlari Saklikoy Beach
Melike Çeyisakar

Saklıköy Beach has facilities where you can meet your basic needs such as toilet, changing cabin, shower, umbrella, sun loungers. You can also meet your food and beverage needs thanks to the cafeteria and restaurant. The beach is a favorite of vacationers with its fine sand, clear and clean sea.

However, since the sea is wavy, it is important for non-swimmers and children to be careful. Saklıköy Beach is waiting for its visitors as one of the most popular beaches of Şile with its facilities and beauties.

Palm Beach

Palm Beach, which stands out with its blue flag sea, beautiful beach and quality services for those who are considering a vacation in Şile, is a popular place that has gained the appreciation of visitors. This beach, which is intertwined with the fascinating beauties of both the sea and nature, also offers accommodation.

Palm Beach offers a pleasant sea and sun holiday with its fine sandy beach and shallow, wavy sea. On this wonderful beach, which belongs to the resort itself, visitors are provided with various facilities.

Sile Plajlari Palm Beach

In addition to the facilities where you can meet your basic needs such as toilets, changing cabins, showers, umbrellas and sunbeds, there are also restaurants, cafeterias and bars where you can enjoy delicious meals and drinks.

Palm Beach, which has a different pricing policy for weekday and weekend visits, stands out as a stylish option for those who want to have a comfortable and fun holiday experience.

Şile Ala Women Beach

Şile Ala Women’s Beach is known as a women-only beach in Şile. Surrounded by trees, this beach impresses with its golden yellow sand and turquoise clear sea. This beach, which is built on a large area, also offers a suitable option for children with its calm and comfortable environment. You can feel safe with the female lifeguards of Şile Municipality.

Sile Plajlari Ala Kadinlar Plaji

The beach offers visitors many facilities such as toilets, changing cabins, showers, umbrellas, sun loungers, cafeterias, restaurants, botanical gardens and bars. Bungalow accommodation is also available.

Baia Beach

Baia Beach, formerly known as Life Beach, is one of the popular and private beaches of Şile and offers visitors a comfortable and relaxed holiday. Entrance to the beach is paid and this fee covers umbrellas, sunbeds, restrooms, changing cabins and shower services. The beach, which offers free entrance especially for children between the ages of 0-6, is also very suitable for children as the sea is shallow.

Sile Plajlari Baia Beach
Katie Milano

Baia Beach’s fine and soft sands and crystal clear and clean sea are very attractive. There is also a restaurant, bar and cafeteria on the beach. The beach, which is appreciated in terms of service and taste, offers an environment where you will not notice how time passes with its beautiful view and the impressive sound of the Black Sea. However, it is also stated that sometimes the service is slow and there are deficiencies in terms of cleanliness.

Baia Beach, which is less crowded on Sundays than public beaches, has a small and calm structure. Although sometimes crowded, it attracts the attention of vacationers with its beautiful view and clean, clear water.

Other places to visit in Şile

In Şile, you can explore not only beaches and bays, but also many other beautiful places such as the historical Şile Castle, Hüseyin Keçici Cultural Park, the scenic Ağva and Yeşilçay region, fishing villages and harbors.


In conclusion, Baia Beach and the other beaches of Şile offer great places where you can enjoy the sea and the sun and make beautiful memories with your family and friends.