The Most Beautiful Beaches and Bays for Swimming in Sile

There are a few places to swim in Istanbul and close to Istanbul and one of these places is Şile. There are not a few places to swim in Şile. To get away from the crowds, people and concrete and spend time in the serenity of the beaches, here is a list of Şile beaches and bays.

Since there are sunbeds, umbrellas, toilets, food and beverage points, dressing cabins on the beaches and beaches of Şile, I will not write them one by one so that there is no word crowd. Of course, sunbeds are paid everywhere and the prices vary depending on the place and the time of weekdays and weekends.

Sile Public Beach

Şile Public Beach is the center of attention of the people of Şile and Istanbul with its yellow sandy beach. The area where Şile Public Beach is located is a natural protected area. Moreover, it is a blue flag beach.

Sile Kumbaba Beach

Kumbaba Beach, which was used as a sand bath during the Byzantine Empire because they saw the beneficial side of the sand and thought that it was good for many diseases, is one of the preferred beaches among the beaches of Şile. Moreover, Kumbaba Beach is one of the places to camp in Şile. It is one of the places preferred by both tent and caravan lovers.

Sile Uzunkum Beach

As the name suggests, Uzunkum Beach has a long beach. Its approximately 1 kilometer long beach is among the blue flag beaches.

Sile Aglayankaya Beach

One of the blue flag beaches in the beauty of nature. Ağlayankaya Beach, one of the places to swim in Istanbul, can make you forget that you are in Istanbul.

Golden Beach

Another beach in Şile. It has a windy and wavy sea as the front is open.

Kabakoz Village Beach

Kabakoz Village Beach, one of the less popular beaches in Istanbul, is also one of the quietest places. Moreover, it is possible to see campers in the vicinity.

Akçakese Beach

With its 1 kilometer length and clean sea, it contains a few of the bays of Şile. Since there are not many social facilities, those who come here should bring their own needs with them.