Izmir Archaeology and Ethnography Museum

Izmir Archaeology and Ethnography Museum

The museum building is a neoclassical building built in 1831 as St. Rock Hospital. It was later used as a nursing home and then as a service building for the Health Directorate. The building where the museum is located was built on an old Jewish Cemetery. This is why you get a slight chill when you look at the building. Later, in 1984, it was transferred to the Ministry of Culture and started to be used as a museum building.

While the artifacts in the Ethnography Museum were exhibited in İzmir Archaeology and Ethnography Museum in the 1970s, they were moved here when the Health Directorate building started to serve as an ethnography museum. You can see the clothes of the Izmir region, extinct handicrafts such as carpet weaving, tinsmithing, pottery and Izmir’s first Turkish Pharmacy (İttihat Pharmacy).

Izmir Arkeoloji Muzesi Binasi

The museum exhibits wedding dress showcases, living room, circumcision room, kitchen utensils used in the old period, and women’s ornaments. In addition to these, Ottoman Period coins, manuscript books, weapons of the period such as arrows, bows, bows, wedges, pistols are also exhibited.

Izmir Arkeoloji Muzesi Heykeller
Izmir Arkeoloji Muzesi Merdivenler

When you leave Izmir Ethnography Museum, the building on the left is Izmir Archaeology Museum. In this building, sculptures, pottery and ceramics found as a result of excavations in and around Izmir are exhibited.

Izmir Arkeoloji Muzesi Eserleri
Izmir Arkeoloji Muzesi Mezarlar

Among the things you can see in the museum is an 8th century AD baby cist from a Byzantine necropolis near the Temple of Athena in Foça, ancient Phokaia.

Izmir Arkeoloji Muzesi Cocuk Mezari
Izmir Arkeoloji Muzesi Seramik Eserler

Where is Izmir Ethnography and Archaeology Museum and how to get there?

Pass the City History Park right next to Konak Square and turn left on Halil Rıfat Paşa Street. After a while on the street, you will see the museum building on the right. The street exit is a bit uphill, for your information. It is 750 meters from Konak Square. By the way, entrance to museums is free.