Izmir Atatürk House and Museum

Izmir Atatürk House and Museum

The building where Atatürk House and Museum is located was built by a merchant in the 1870s. When the owner left Izmir, the house went to the treasury and was used as a headquarters for a while. The building was then used as a hotel and hosted Atatürk many times. This hotel, where he stayed when he came to Izmir, was later gifted to Atatürk.

The two-storey Atatürk House used to house ethnographic artifacts reflecting the culture of the region. However, with the opening of the Izmir Ethnography Museum, the ethnographic artifacts were moved to the new museum. In 1967, it was transferred to the Ministry of Culture to be organized as the Atatürk Museum and this building was turned into a museum where items related to Atatürk were exhibited. The museum received its first visitors in 1978.

Izmir Ataturk Evi Muzesi Girisi
Izmir Ataturk Evi Muzesi Ataturk Esyalari

İzmir Atatürk House and Museum is the Atatürk House with the highest ceiling I have ever seen. When you enter the building, a large and spacious hall welcomes us. There are rooms connected to the hall. In the meeting room in the center, Mustafa Kemal and his friends are portrayed making an important decision. In the center is Field Marshal Gazi Mustafa Kemal, to the left Lieutenant General İsmet İnönü and Field Marshal Mevzi Çakmak, to the right General Kazım Karabekir and Lieutenant General Fahrettin Altay.

Izmir Ataturk Evi Muzesi Toplanti Salonu

The boat you see between the stairs on the way upstairs is the boat Atatürk used during his trips to Izmir. On the upper floor of the museum, there are Atatürk’s belongings and the rooms used by Atatürk at that time. You can see Atatürk’s bathroom, bedroom, study and dining room, as well as his aide’s room and the room where Reza Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran, stayed.

Izmir Ataturk Evi Muzesi Yatak Odasi
Izmir Ataturk Evi Muzesi Riza Pehlevi Odasi

What are the entrance fee and visiting hours of Atatürk House and Museum?

Entrance to the museum is free of charge and it is open to visitors every day of the week except Monday between 08:30 – 17:30 and until 19:00 during the summer season.

Izmir Ataturk Evi Muzesi Kiyafetleri
Izmir Ataturk Evi Muzesi Banyosu

Where is Atatürk House and Museum and how to get there?

The museum is located in Gündoğdu Square, one of the squares of Alsancak, right next to Kordon Boyu. It is a 25-minute (2.2km) walk from the Izmir Clock Tower. 2 minutes away is Izmir Mask Museum, one of Konak’s boutique museums.