Izmir History and Art Museum

Izmir History and Art Museum

Izmir History and Art Museum, located in Izmir Kültürpark, emerged when the exhibition capacity of the Izmir Archeology Museum was filled. The museum in Kültürpark is actually an archaeology museum. The buildings, which were repaired by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, were transferred to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and started to be used as a museum in 2004.

Izmir History and Art Museum consists of 3 different main sections. Each section is distributed in 3 buildings around a courtyard. The Department of Stone Artifacts is the section where the stone artifacts unearthed in archaeological excavations in and around Izmir are exhibited. You can see sculptures from many periods, Kor and Kouros sculptures excavated from sacred sites. Reliefs from the theater of the ancient city of Miletus, inscriptions found during the construction of Basmane Station, sculptures excavated in Metropolis, reliefs of the Belevi Tomb Monument are also among the things you can see.

Izmir Tarih Ve Sanat Muzesi Tas Eserler
Izmir Tarih Ve Sanat Muzesi Tas Eserler Heykeller

In the Olympic Games Hall, steles of Smyrnian athletes and various inscriptions related to the Olympic Games are on display. While visiting the museum, we also encounter beautiful and lovely mosaics.

Izmir Tarih Ve Sanat Muzesi Olimpiyat Oyunlari Salonu
Izmir Tarih Ve Sanat Muzesi Balik

The other building houses the Department of Ceramic Artifacts. Ceramic pieces from prehistoric settlements such as Smyrna Topraklı Mound, Beklatepe, Limantepe, Kocabaştepe, Panaztepe and other prehistoric settlements in and around Izmir until the end of the Byzantine period are exhibited here. There is also a 1/4 scaled down model of a Greek model commercial ship that you can see in the Ceramic Works Department.

Izmir Tarih Ve Sanat Muzesi Ticaret Gemisi Maketi
Izmir Tarih Ve Sanat Muzesi Seramik Eserler

The building opposite is the Department of Precious Artifacts. In this building, glass artifacts, bronze artifacts, treasure room, gold, silver, bronze coins and oil lamps from the Old Bronze Age to the end of the Ottoman period are exhibited.

Izmir Tarih Ve Sanat Muzesi Kiymetli Esyalar
Izmir Tarih Ve Sanat Muzesi Eserleri

When Mustafa Kemal Atatürk visited the Izmir Museum on February 2, 1931, you can see the note he made in the museum’s notebook below. – I visited the Izmir Museum of Asar-ı Atika. It has been made useful with great care and attention, I am pleased.

Ataturk Izmir Muzesi Defter Notu
Atatürk's note in the notebook of the Izmir Museum

What are the entrance fee and visiting hours of Izmir History and Art Museum?

Izmir Museum of History and Art entrance fee and Müzekart is valid. It is open to visitors every day of the week between 08:00 – 18:45 during the summer season and 08:00 – 16:45 during the winter season.

Where is Izmir Museum of History and Art and how to get there?

Izmir History and Art Museum is located in Kültürpark, the popular fair center of Izmir. Kültürpark Fairground (Izmir International Fair), which includes an open-air theater where stage shows themed on many art branches are organized, amusement park, exhibition areas, İsmet İnönü Art Center where concerts, seminars and talks are organized, is Turkey’s first fairground. Founded in 1936, the fairground has become the largest green area in Konak, Izmir, and has become the largest green area in Konak. If you are interested in botany, the fairground with over 130 different species will be of great interest to you.

The easiest way to get to Izmir History and Art Museum and thus to Izmir Konak Kültürpark is by metro. Get off at Basımane Gar metro station, walk towards 9 Eylül Square and enter the İzmir Fair 9 Eylül gate.