Ödemiş Gölcük Lake and Plateau

Ödemiş Gölcük Lake and Plateau

Gölcük is a lake located near the top of Bozdağ. It is actually a neighborhood of Ödemiş, but it got its name from the lake next to it.

First of all, do not confuse it with Abant Lake or Gölcük Lake in Bolu. This is in Izmir. One of the things we encounter in Gölcük is that families from the surrounding districts come here and spend time having breakfast, barbecuing and even fishing. Even in hot weather, I can say that it has a cool atmosphere due to the altitude. This is not a secluded lake, there are places where you can meet your needs such as restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, mosques by the lake.

Odemis Bozdag Golcuk Golu Gezi Notlari
Odemis Bozdag Golcuk Yaylasi Gezi Notlari

Gölcük Lake is a place where you can take your book and coffee and spend time in peace and enjoy yourself. It is also possible to pitch a tent at Bozdağ Gölcük Lake. There are a few establishments for picnics and camping on the eastern sides of the lake. We will not be able to recommend it because we did not stay, but if you go, we would like to hear your experiences in the comments.

Odemis Bozdag Golcuk Golu Cadir Kamp Alanlari
Lake Gölcük Tent Camping Areas
Odemis Bozdag Golcuk Golu Piknik Alanlari
Lake Gölcük Picnic Areas

Another thing I noticed is that the lake is very dirty. The shore sides of the lake consist of garbage thrown or dropped into the lake by the uncontrolled public and flies trying to take advantage of this garbage.

Where is Gölcük and how to get there?

Gölcük is about 20 km away from Birgi, the capital of Aydınoğulları Principality, but it takes about 35 minutes due to the winding Bozdağ road. If you want to reach Gölcük Lake from the center of Ödemiş, it is also 20 km and takes 35 minutes again. But this time the road is different. The 20 km road from Bozdağ Ski Center to Gölcük Lake takes 40 minutes. You are lucky if you don’t come across a truck.

The altitude is about 1050 meters and it is reached by roads with many bends. Considering that the summit of Bozdağ is 2100 meters high, it is half the height of the summit. To reach Gölcük Lake, you can follow the Gölcük signs in the region or you can still use the map on your phone to make sure of the route you are taking. It would be good to download the map in advance in case there is no signal.