Ödemiş Museum

Ödemiş Museum

The Ödemiş Museum on the Birgi road in the Ödemiş district of İzmir sheds light on the civilizations in and around Ödemiş throughout history. There are not many artifacts in the museum. But with its lighting and environment, it looks more beautiful and cleaner than many district archaeology museums.

Before the construction of the Ödemiş Museum, artifacts from Ödemiş were exhibited in the Izmir Archeology Museum and the Tire Museum. After the museum was established, the artifacts related to Ödemiş were collected and this elaborate museum of Ödemiş and its surroundings was created.

Ödemiş Museum unites under two different categories. One of them is the ethnography section. In the ethnography section, copper and silverware, clothes, jewelry and handicrafts, mostly from the Ottoman period, are exhibited.

Odemis Muzesi Etnografik Eserler
Odemis Muzesi Etnografik Eserler Giysiler

In the archaeology section, you can see historical artifacts from the Bronze Age to the Lydian Civilization, from the Hellenistic period to the Roman and Byzantine periods, and even the Ottoman period. The artifacts are mostly found around the Küçük Menderes Basin.

Odemis Muzesi Arkeolojik Eserler
Odemis Muzesi Arkeolojik Eserler Takilar

These artifacts include ancient artifacts found in Neikala, Palaiapolis and Koloe, sarcophagi, tombstones from the Ottoman period, coins and other artifacts unearthed as a result of excavations.

Odemis Muzesi Mezar Stelleri
Odemis Gezilecek Yerler Muze

What are the entrance fee and visiting hours of Ödemiş Museum?

Entrance to Ödemiş Museum is paid. If you have a Müzekart, you can visit for free. It is also closed on Mondays. Other days you can visit between 08:30 – 17:30.

Where is Ödemiş Museum and how to get there?

Ödemiş Museum is located on Atatürk Street on Birgi road. Since it is on the main street, you can enter the museum without having to turn anywhere. The museum is 10km (18 minutes) from Birgi.