Red Courtyard of Pergamon: Temple of the Egyptian Gods Serapeion

Red Courtyard of Pergamon: Temple of the Egyptian Gods Serapeion

The Church of the Red Court, also called the Temple of the Egyptian Gods, was built in the 2nd century AD. 265 meters long and more than 100 meters wide, the Red Courtyard was one of the largest structures in Pergamon. Today, the rest of the courtyard, part of which is visible to visitors, is under the houses in Pergamon.

Next to the courtyards in the area, there were domed, round buildings, one of which is open to visitors today. These buildings had 1.90 meter thick walls and an interior space of 12 meters in diameter. The tops of the structures have round lighting holes called opaions. The hole diameter of 3.70 meters was narrowed down to 1 meter during the Ottoman period. The only source of light entering the round areas is the round hole at the top and when you enter, you feel as if it is pitch black. Gradually the eyes get used to it and we can understand what is going on around us. Inside the round structure, on the sides of the walls, you can see the artifacts from the Red Courtyard.

Kizil Avlu Opaion
Kizil Avlu Buluntular

There is also a reconstructed sculpture that you can see in the courtyard during your visit. Actually, these sculptures are known as supporting columns. Instead of building a straight column, the Egyptians built their favorite gods and goddesses as columns. The 8.50 meter high columns, prepared according to the Egyptian style, portray the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet. The parts in white in the photo below are the parts prepared today to complete the sculpture. The other parts are real and were unearthed as a result of excavations.

Kizil Avlu Sekhmet 1
Kizil Avlu Sekhmet 2

Today, the Red Courtyard is trying to hold on to life in the middle of a rundown neighborhood. It has been in the process of endless restoration for many years in order to be restored.

The Red Courtyard is thought to have been built in the 2nd century AD in the name of the Egyptian gods Isis, Osiris and Serapis. The Red Courtyard, which was one of the places where Christians gathered and worshipped during the times when Christianity was forbidden, was the only one of the seven churches mentioned by St. John in the Gospel whose exact location is known. Have you ever wondered why the Red Courtyard, also known as the Temple of Serapis, is called the Red Courtyard? The answer is quite simple. Because the material used in the construction of the buildings was red fire bricks.

Kizil Avlu Ibadetyeri
Kizil Avlu Ibadetyeri 2

What are the entrance fee and visiting hours of Bergama Red Courtyard?

The entrance to the museum is paid and can be visited every day of the week between 08:00 – 19:00 working hours. The closing time is 17:00 in the winter season. If you have a Müzekart, you can enter for free.

Where is Bergama Red Courtyard and how to get there?

Bergama Red Courtyard is very easy to reach. Since it is located in the city center, you can find it without much difficulty, and from the moment you enter Bergama, the brown signs guide you in a correct and simple way.  To go to the Red Courtyard, you need to connect to Kınık Street from Bankalar Street. You will see the buildings on the right.