Teos Ancient City

Teos Ancient City

The Ancient City of Teos is claimed to be an ancient city founded around 1000 BC by Athamas, the son of Dionysus, the God of Wine, who was the son of Zeus and Semele. Teos is one of the 12 Ionian states. Since it is located in the middle, the philosopher Thales of Miletus said that this should be the center of the Ionian states, but this proposal was not accepted, and the ancient city of Miletus and the ancient city of Ephesus took on this task.

Information about the history of Teos Ancient City

In the 200s BC, Teos was connected to the Kingdom of Pergamon and came under the rule of the Roman Empire after the lands were left to Rome by will. In the mid-18th century, the first archaeological surveys of the ancient city of Teos were carried out, and then the French took over. Today, excavations and research are carried out by Ankara University.

We enter the entrance of the ancient city and get off our vehicle. The ancient city is still inhabited. There is still a village life inside. Maybe they were there before the discovery of the ancient city and they didn’t leave after the excavations. Vehicles are allowed inside, but only for villagers. Teos is a very big place and in this case we have to walk. To visit the ancient city of Teos we need to walk in a wide circle.

When we started walking in, we saw two shepherd dogs in the distance. Sheep were grazing further ahead and the sheepdogs were just looking at us from a distance because we were strangers. Then suddenly they started running, but luckily they turned out to be the sweetest dogs in the world. They played and ran among themselves and kept us company for a while. We wouldn’t be lying if we said that our eyes were looking for them as our city tour ended.

Seferihisar Sigacik Teos Antik Kenti Kopekleri
Seferihisar Sigacik Teos Antik Kenti Koyun Surusu

While the Hellenistic city walls on our right continue at the road level, the first building we come across on the left is the Temple of Dionysus. This was the largest Temple of Dionysus in Anatolia. We had also seen a Temple of Dionysus in the ancient city of Pergamon. Not much remains of the temple today. Only its foundations are visible. The architect of the temple is Hermogenes, whom we know from the ancient city of Priene.

Seferihisar Sigacik Teos Antik Kenti Dionysos Tapinagi
Seferihisar Sigacik Teos Antik Kenti Dionysos Tapinagi Kalintilari

Let’s continue on our way in the direction of the cistern. Located south of the Temple of Dionysus, the cistern was built during the Roman Period. There is a large water reservoir inside the arches. Further ahead is the harbor of Teos called the South Harbor. Teos was a port city and was in a good economic situation as it used sea trade due to its location. If you go as far as the harbor city, there is a road that continues north, if you don’t want to go to the harbor, you have to go back to the Temple of Dionysus and enter from there.

Seferihisar Sigacik Teos Antik Kenti Sarnic
Seferihisar Sigacik Teos Antik Kenti Guney Limani

The next stop is the Bouleuterion, where the city’s council of elders gathered and important decisions were taken. Adjacent to the assembly building is the agora of the city. Not much has survived from the agora today.

Seferihisar Sigacik Teos Antik Kenti Meclis Binasi
Seferihisar Sigacik Teos Antik Kenti Agora

We proceed 180 meters to the west of the Bouleuterion and turn right to head towards the theater. The theater of the city was also built on a natural slope. Behind the theater is the acropolis. Since it is high up and there are no obstacles in front of it, it blows so much in cool weather. It seems that only the foundations of the acropolis remain. After visiting this place and watching the view, we can now go to the gate where we entered the Ancient City of Teos.

Seferihisar Sigacik Teos Antik Kenti Tiyatrosu

The excursion to the ancient city of Teos ends here, but as I mentioned, wear something for the cool weather. Because you have to walk 3,6 km to visit the ancient city. By the way, if you take the roads, there is no problem, but if you take a shortcut, you will enter the villagers’ gardens. Since the gardens of some houses are surrounded by wires, once you enter, you will keep looking for the exit.

What are the entrance fee and visiting hours of Teos Ancient City?

The entrance to the museum is paid and free with Müzekart. Opening hours start at 08:30 and continue until 19:00 in summer and 17:30 in winter.

Where is Seferihisar Teos Ancient City and how to get there?

Teos Ancient City is an ancient harbor city in Sığacık Neighborhood in Seferhisar district of Izmir. Visitors to Sığacık, if they are interested in ancient cities, cannot ignore the brown Teos signs that they come across during their Sığacık trips. While Sığacık is located in the north of the peninsula where Sığacık extends, Teos Ancient City is located in the south. The distance between Sığacık and Teos is 1.5 km, you can reach in 8 minutes by car.