Izmir Umran Baradan Toy Museum

Izmir Umran Baradan Toy Museum

Konak Municipality first started its free, boutique museum approach with the İzmir Toy Museum. The foundations of İzmir Konak Municipality Ümran Baradan Play and Toy Museum were first laid in 2004 by the artist Ümran Baradan.

Ümran Baradan, who is also Uğur Dündar’s mother-in-law, donated the toys she collected from the countries she visited and the toys that won awards in the competitions she organized to Konak Municipality. In 2010, it became what it is today with the consultancy of Sunay Akın.

Izmir Toy Museum is one of the few toy museums in Turkey. Hundreds of toys are exhibited in the museum. In the 20th century, poor families used to earn money by selling their daughters’ hair. Toy manufacturers would mount these hairs on their toys, you can see dolls with real hair here.

Izmir Oyuncak Muzesi Eserleri
Izmir Oyuncak Muzesi Oyuncaklari

Dollhouses used to be rich toys that developed children’s imagination. The size of the dollhouses also showed the wealth of the family. You can see examples of these miniature houses at Izmir Toy Museum.

Izmir Oyuncak Muzesi Bebek Evleri
Izmir Oyuncak Muzesi Gercek Sacli Bebekler

In the museum, there are many wooden, plastic and paper toys of fairy tale heroes, plush toys, cars, etc.

Izmir Oyuncak Muzesi Tarihi Oyuncaklar
Izmir Oyuncak Muzesi Ahsap Oyuncaklar

Where is Izmir Toy Museum and how to get there?

Izmir Toy Museum is 950 meters from Konak Square. From Konak Square, pass the City History Park and start walking along the street via Halit Rıfat Paşa Street. The street is a bit uphill. After passing the Izmir Archeology and Ethnography Museum, you will come across the Izmir Ümran Baradan Play and Toy Museum. In front of it, you will see colorful umbrellas, a statue of Nasreddin Hodja and something related to the toy museum on the walls. Entrance to Izmir Toy Museum is free.