Izmit Clock Tower

Izmit Clock Tower

Izmit Clock Tower, located in Kemalpaşa Neighborhood of Izmit, was built for the 25th anniversary of Sultan Abdulhamid II’s accession to the throne.

It was built in 1902 by Musa Kazım Bey, the Mutasarrıf of Izmit, using travertine stones brought from the nearby settlements of Hereke and Tavşancıl. The clock tower, whose architect is thought to be Mihran Azaryan, is located in the park right next to the garden belonging to the Sultan Abdulaziz Pavilion, also known as the Izmit Palace Museum, which was later turned into a museum.

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There are fountains on three sides of the tower, which has a wonderful view of the gulf due to its hilltop location. Located on the Saray Yokuşu Street, the tower can be easily seen from many parts of the city as it is in a central location. On the middle floor of the clock tower is the monogram of Abdulhamit II.

Izmit Saat Kulesi Abdulhamit Tugrasi

Where is Izmit Clock Tower and how to get there?

To get to Izmit Clock Tower, you need to turn to Saray Yokuşu Street on the Istanbul direction of the D100 highway. You may be a little lucky to find a parking lot on this street, so you can use the parking lots on the beach side for parking. However, in this case, you should risk going uphill 200 meters from the highway. If you walk all the way up, you can earn the right to sit on the benches next to the tower. When you visit the clock tower, you should add the Izmit Palace Museum and the historical Kapanca Street to your visit route.