Kaklik Cave: Hidden Pamukkale Underground in Denizli

Kaklık Cave is 30 km from Denizli city center and the same distance from Denizli Çardak Airport. Named after Kaklık Town in Honaz district, Kaklık Cave offers an extraordinary cave trip.

Let’s give information about Kaklık Cave, which is called Little Pamukkale or Cave Pamukkale because it has similar structures to the travertines in Pamukkale as well as the columns and stalagmites it contains.

There is plenty of thermal water in the cave. The cave, which has clean, colorless water, is also sulfurous and there are people who say that they cannot enter because of the smell of sulfur.

Although the smell of sulfur is nauseating, if you are not a sensitive person, do not leave Denizli without seeing this beauty. Apart from the smell of sulfur, Kaklık Cave does not have an exaggerated smell.

Denizli Kaklik Magarasi Gezilecek Yerler
Denizli Kaklik Magarasi Gorulecek Yerler

There is free parking for your car. When you open your car door, your nose screams at you that you have come to the right place. But don’t worry, you get used to it. When you get out of the car, an attendant comes to you and takes the fee.

Denizli Kaklik Magarasi Cokuntu

Information about Kaklık Cave

Kaklık Cave, which was declared a natural protected area, was opened for service after 2002. It is possible to see moss and small vines on the walls thanks to the spring waters bubbling from the mouth of the cave, which is located 5 meters below the ground.

Different shades of green, together with the effect of sunlight, gain a different appearance with the white travertines similar to Pamukkale.

Denizli Kaklik Magarasi Gezi Yazisi
Denizli Kaklik Magarasi Kucuk Pamukkale

This natural formation, which emerged after the collapse of the cave entrance, is a must-visit. After visiting the cave, you can swim in the swimming pool built next to the cave and enjoy the hot water.

Where is Kaklık Cave and how to get there?

The distance between Denizli and Kaklık Cave is 35 km (30 minutes), 43 km (35 minutes) if you want to come from Pamukkale. The distance between Çardak Airport and Kaklık Cave is 35km (30min).

Transportation to Kaklık Cave is provided via Denizli Afyon Road. The signs on the road direct you to the cave.