Kekova Sunken City and Island of Kekova Turkey

There is a wonderful sea tour that you should definitely do if you have not done it before on your trip to Kaş, and if you have done it, you will want to do it again. Kekova, the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea, located in the Demre district of Antalya with its sea, history and nature.

Kekova is the name given to the general name of the region that includes the ancient city of Simena, the ancient name Teimiussa, Üçağız Village, Aperlai (Hot) Pier, the 7.5 km long island opposite Simena and Aquarium Bay. You can examine the map of Kekova drawn by Piri Reis on the image below.

Kekova Gezi Rehberi Piri Reis Harita
Piri Reis - Kekova Map

You can first go to Üçağız Village by minibuses departing from the center of Kaş. It takes about 35 minutes to reach Üçağız Village by land.  It can also be reached by sea, but it takes 1.5 hours, so it is not preferred.

Üçağız Village

Üçağız Village has been declared a first degree protected area due to the rock tombs and sarcophagi around it. Üçağız Village, known as Theimussa in ancient Lycia, is a popular destination for those going on the Kekova Tour.

Kekova Gezi Rehberi Ucagiz Koyu
Day trip to Kekova by boat
Ucagiz Koyu Dogal Tekne Limani
Kekova day boat trip

There are many hotels, pensions and restaurants serving fresh fish. It also serves as a natural harbor for boats.

Where do Kekova tours depart from?

In Üçağız Village, which can be reached in about 35 minutes from Kaş, get off the shuttles and follow the guide and get on the boat belonging to the company.

The best spot on the two-story tour boats is the seating on the top floor at the very back. You won’t be cramped, and since there is relatively more space, you can hang out comfortably throughout the tour. If you want to sunbathe, you can also lay a towel on the front of the boat and lie down.

Kaş Kekova boat tour, which is the first activity that comes to mind when it comes to Kekova, has a satisfactory level of service. Choosing tours without music allows you to relax in calm waters without tiring your head.

As a result of the great earthquakes in 141 BC and the 2nd century, the city along the coast in Kekova was flooded.

Today, the area called the sunken city is known as an ancient settlement. The tours, while the sunken city tours are being organized, ensure that the visitors have a truly unforgettable time with sea breaks in the famous bays of Kekova.

Be sure to join the Kekova tour to spend a good day swimming in the bays of the Mediterranean Sea, which has the clearest sea you can see in Turkey.

Swimming breaks of at least 40 minutes each are more than enough. To join the tour, you need to make a reservation in advance by phone or by visiting their website.

The two most important things to take with you on a boat tour are sea goggles and snorkels. Make sure you have them with you. At least have sea goggles with you to enjoy the underwater world.

Kekova boat tour prices

Kekova boat tours prices vary between 300 and 700 TL depending on the departure location. Departing from central points such as Antalya, Olympos, Kaş, Kalkan, you can visit Demre, Myra and Kekova according to your tour programs.

Prices also vary according to the starting point of your event. The prices of starting the boat tour from Üçağız Village and starting the Kekova boat tour from Olympos are different due to the distance.

Generally, barbecued chicken and Mediterranean cuisine are provided as lunch, while drinks and entrances to ancient cities are extra.

Antalya Kekova Gezi Rehberi Yemek Molasi
Antalya Kekova Turlari Yemek Molasi

Popular bays of Kekova

Aquarium Bay

Aquarium Bay, which has the most beautiful sea among the bays, is a bay where those who know how to swim will have a lot of fun. It has a clean sea, very clear.

Kekova Turu Akvaryum Koyu
Kekova Akvaryum Koyu Gezisi

Tersane Bay

This bay, where the Lycians used to build boats, was called Tersane Bay. It is possible to see the Lycian ruins at the edge of the bay. But this bay can be very crowded from time to time. For this reason, your tour guide may suggest going to another bay that is quieter.

Kekova Turu Tersane Koyu
Kekova Tersane Koyu Gezisi

Pirate Cave

Pirate’s Cave is one of the stops of the tours. You can also see people visiting the cave by boats or jet skis, boats enter the cave as much as they can and show the inside.

Kekova Gezi Rehberi Korsan Magarasi
Kekova Korsan Koyu Gezisi