Kingston upon Thames: The Royal Town with a Modern Twist

Nestled on the outskirts of London, Kingston upon Thames is a blend of history, culture, shopping, and nature. Known for its royal connections and rich heritage, Kingston upon Thames has something for everyone, from the history buff to the art lover, the foodie, and the outdoor enthusiast.

Why Visit Kingston upon Thames?

Maybe you’ve heard of Kingston as a shopping haven or perhaps for its ancient marketplace. Or is it the vibrant festivals and beautiful walks along the Thames that caught your attention?

Kingston is a place that enchants its visitors and makes them come back for more. And the best part? It’s just a stone’s throw away from central London.

Kingston Upon Thames How To Get There

History and Heritage

Ah, royalty! Who isn’t fascinated by the glitz and glamour of the crown? But did you know Kingston upon Thames has its royal tales too? This historic town was once a coronation ground for ancient kings. Imagine the grand ceremonies and the echoes of trumpets! Kingston’s name itself is derived from “King’s Town,” reflecting its regal past.

Historical Landmarks

  • Kingston Bridge: Stretching over the tranquil Thames, this bridge has seen centuries pass by. Take a stroll and feel the whispers of history.
  • All Saints Church: Dating back to the 12th century, this architectural marvel stands as a testament to Kingston’s rich heritage.
  • Coronation Stone: A symbol of Kingston’s royal legacy, the Coronation Stone is where seven Anglo-Saxon kings were crowned. Feel like royalty for a moment as you touch the stone!
Kingston Upon Thames Shopping

Arts and Culture

  • Rose Theatre: Fancy a night at the theatre? The Rose Theatre is a cultural gem, hosting everything from Shakespearean classics to modern plays. It’s a stage where stories come to life!
  • Kingston Arts Festivals: Art enthusiasts, mark your calendars! Kingston is home to various art festivals throughout the year, celebrating creativity and artistic expression.

Where is Kingston upon Thames?

Nestled along the southwest banks of the River Thames, Kingston upon Thames is a picturesque town within the Greater London area. With its perfect blend of urban charm and suburban tranquility, Kingston is just 12 miles from central London.

Kingston Upon Thames River

How to Get There?

  • By Train: Kingston’s well-connected train station is your gateway to the town. Direct trains from London Waterloo run regularly, whisking you away to Kingston in just about 30 minutes.
  • By Bus: Fancy a scenic route? Hop on a bus from central London. With multiple lines serving Kingston, it’s convenient and affordable.
    By Car: If driving is more your style, the A3 and other major roads connect Kingston with the surrounding areas. Plug in your GPS, and you’ll be there before you know it.
    By Bike: Feeling adventurous? Cycling routes from London to Kingston offer a refreshing way to travel, especially on a sunny day.
    By Boat: Yes, you read that right! During the summer months, you can even take a leisurely boat ride from Westminster to Kingston.


From its rich history and royal connections to the vibrant arts scene, recreational adventures, and warm community spirit, Kingston has something for everyone. Whether you’re a resident rediscovering your hometown or a traveler exploring for the first time, this picturesque riverside town welcomes you with open arms.