Kleopatra Beach Alanya

The Alanya Peninsula, which has a rocky feature next to Cleopatra Beach, separates the settlements as east and west. When you go up to Alanya Castle, Cleopatra Beach is the name of the beach with an exquisite view in the west direction. Cleopatra Beach, also called Damlatas Beach by locals because of the Damlatas Cave behind it, is one of our blue flag beaches.

It is free to enter the beach and the sea, but you have to pay for sunbeds, umbrellas and food services. The sea and beach are sandy. The water is clear, you can easily see the bottom. Especially when you dive with sea goggles, you will encounter another beauty.

The name Cleopatra comes from here. The Roman commander Marcus Antonius took over the administration of the eastern region after Julius Caesar died in 44 BC. His first order of business was to travel to Egypt to exploit its rich resources and make a treaty with the Egyptian queen.

Alanya Kleopatra Plaji
Kelopatra Plaji Gezi Yazisi

Cleopatra VII’s goal is to regain her lost territories and, as Alexander the Great wanted, to own the whole world. Marcus Antony and Cleopatra meet in Tarsus and fall madly in love with each other. As a result of their union, Antony gave Cleopatra the city where Alanya is located. For this reason, the beach is known as Cleopatra Beach.