Kuzuyayla Nature Park

Kuzuyayla Nature Park

There are wonderful plateaus around the Marmara Region for us and people like us to get away from the city and breathe for a short time. Kuzu Plateau is one of them, and it is 2 hours away from Istanbul. Kocaeli is one of the leading places for plateau tourism.

Tent camping is possible in Kuzu Plateau Nature Park. The plateau, which is one of the favorite spots for daily picnickers, is replaced by campers in the evening. Before finding a place to pitch your tent, explore the area first by car and then on foot. My advice is to pitch your tent near people who have already pitched a tent and who you think are like you. When you look like you are hanging out in a group, you are less likely to encounter animals. While we were sitting by the fire and enjoying ourselves, we suddenly heard a few dogs and jackals barking in the distance. We didn’t pay much attention because they were far away, but every second the barking sounds got closer. We immediately checked where the car keys were, and soon the dogs passed by, close to us, but far enough away that they could not be seen.

Kartepe Kuzu Yaylasi Tabiat Parki Cadir Kamp Alani
Kartepe Kuzu Yaylasi Tabiat Parki Yuruyus Parkuru

If you want to make a fire, you may have to go into the forest to find wood. My advice is to have a handy axe with you. If you want to make a night fire, you need big firewood and you need to make bigger firewood smaller to provide it. What happens if we don’t make a fire? You will get cold if you don’t light a fire. The altitude of Kuzu Plateau is 1390 meters. It is at least 7 degrees colder than the city center at the same time, and if you take into account the rapid increase in cold after sunset, there is a significant loss of heat at night. If you are not prepared for the cold, you will try to fight the cold instead of enjoying it.

Kartepe Kuzu Yaylasi Tabiat Parki Kozde Yemek
Kartepe Kuzu Yaylasi Tabiat Parki Fotograflari

There are no guarantees about the weather here, it is clear, but suddenly the fog descends. It looks like it won’t rain, but it rains in an instant. When you wake up in the morning, wet soil may greet you when you least expect it. But since this is also a recreation area, we can guarantee that it will be full of people who want to have a picnic between 08:00 and 09:00 in the morning.

Kartepe Kuzuyayla Tabiat Parki Piknik Alani
Kartepe Kuzuyayla Tabiat Parki Soguk Su Cesmeleri

Let’s talk about the features of Kartepe Kuzu Plateau National Park. First of all, you have toilet facilities. Toilets are at the entrance of the facility and can be used free of charge. You will also see fountains with ice-cold running water in various places.

Kartepe Kuzu Yaylasi Tabiat Parki Orman Ici

If you like hiking, there are also trekking trails in Kuzu Plateau. You can either walk among the trees or on the way to Kartepe. But it is a great feeling to follow the paths between the trees and get lost in the forest. If you want to light a fire at night, you will have to walk around here to find wood.

Kartepe Kuzuyayla Tabiat Parki Gece Atesi
Kartepe Kuzu Yaylasi Tabiat Parki Odun Toplama

How much is the tent fee in Kuzuyayla Nature Park?

The entrance to Kuzuyayla Nature Park has not been working for a while, but they welcome you upstairs. If you go in the fall, there are not many people, both picnics and camping are few. In humid and rainy weather, you can bring wood from the city so that you don’t have a wood problem while lighting a fire.

Kuzuyayla Tabiat Parki Sonbahar Kampi
Kuzuyayla Tabiat Parki Sonbahar Gezisi

Where is Kuzu Plateau Nature Park and how to get there?

The region where Kuzu Plateau is located is located within the borders of Kartepe district of Kocaeli. First of all, you need to get to Maşukiye. After 9km (15 minutes) from the center of Maşukiye, you will arrive at the entrance of Kuzu Plateau Nature Park. After the entrance, you have a 3km road surrounded by kabalak plants. The road is completely asphalt until you reach the facilities.

Transportation to Kuzu Plateau is 140km from Istanbul, which takes about 2 hours. The distance to Izmit is 33km (50 minutes). While you are up to the plateau, there are also beautiful places to visit around Kuzu Plateau Nature Park.  In addition to the beauties below, you can also visit Suadiye Nature Park, which is west of Kartepe. It is also one of the plateaus where you can do tent camping.

Molla Yakup Meadow Campsite

Molla Yakup Meadow is a meadow 2.8 km south of Kuzuyayla Nature Park. The road is a stabilized road and passenger cars can also access here. It is about 250 meters of land among giant trees. It is very quiet and suitable for tent camping.

Kocaeli Kartepe Molla Yakup Cayiri Ulasim
Kocaeli Kartepe Molla Yakup Cayiri Kamp Alani

Since there is no water in the region, there are not many suitors, so make sure you have enough water with you if you are going to camp. With an altitude of 1460 meters, it is higher than Kuzu Plateau. Take precautions against the cold. There is transportation from Kuzuyayla and there is also a road from Kartepe.

Kocaeli Kartepe Molla Yakup Cayiri Cadir Alani
Kocaeli Kartepe Molla Yakup Cayiri Stabilize Yolu

Kartepe Altıoluk Plateau

Altıoluk Plateau, which is 1380 meters high, is one of the plateaus you can visit during your Kuzu Plateau trip. There is also transportation from Sakarya side. When you come from the Kuzu Plateau side, the distance is 2.6 km. But the roads are not the kind of roads that a passenger car can easily pass like the Molla Yakup Çayırı road. Even if a 4×4 is not a must, a car with a high roof is a must, this is the only way you can overcome the stones, potholes and mud that you may encounter from time to time.

Kartepe Altioluk Yaylasi
Kartepe Altioluk Yaylasi Ulasim Yolu

Tent camping is possible on Altıoluk Plateau. The large and empty land at the top of the plateau is the most suitable area for camping. You will probably be alone on the plateau where you can pitch a tent against the view of the plateau and nature, because people don’t come here much because of the roads.