Kartepe Ski Center Entrance Fee and Equipment Rental

Kartepe Ski Center Entrance Fee and Equipment Rental

Located in the Maşukiye district of Kocaeli, on one of the peaks of the Samanlı Mountains, the highest point of which is 1600 meters, Kartepe welcomes many tourists during the winter season and is the most affordable ski resort in the ski industry and the closest ski resort to Istanbul.

Kartepe Ski Center, with its forests and natural beauty, can offer you the pleasure of daily skiing, but the best time to go to Kartepe is December, January and February. You can enjoy the most ideal snow in these months. Because Kartepe has a height of 1600 meters and snow thickness starts to decrease in other months. You can visit the page of the General Directorate of Meteorology to find out the snow depth and weather in Kartepe. If you live in Istanbul, it is possible to make a weekend or day trip to Kartepe. Kartepe is not only a ski resort, it is also used for trekking in spring seasons.

Gezilecek Yerler Kartepe
Kocaeli Kartepe Gezi Rehberi

Accommodation in Kartepe and where to stay?

There is only one hotel at the summit of Kartepe, The Green Park Kartepe, which has invested in the slopes. If you are thinking of staying in Kartepe, it is useful to check the accommodation prices of The Green Park Kartepe hotel before you go. When you want to go for a day with your car, you have to pay Kartepe parking fee. If the parking lot is full, it is also possible to leave your car on the roadside during peak periods.

Kartepe Gezilecek Yerler Yollar
The altitude of the snow hill is 1600 meters and the snow thickness varies between 60 and 200 cm in Kartepe during the winter season.
Kartepe Gorulecek Yerler Yollar
In some periods of the year, roads can be closed due to sudden snow.

Since Kartepe roads are constantly salted by Kocaeli Municipality, it is possible to reach the summit by car most of the time. However, it is still useful to keep chains in your car in case of severe weather conditions.

Kartepe Kayak Noktasi
Kocaeli Kartepe Gezi Yazisi

How much is the entrance fee to Kartepe Ski Center?

Of course, you can also go to the hotel just for skiing. You need to buy a ski pass to use the ski lifts at the ski resort. For Kartepe cable car prices, chairlift and lift prices, you can check their websites to be up to date. There are unlimited and half-day ski pass options. You also need to pay a deposit fee in cash to get it back when the ski pass is returned. Kartepe has one of the cheapest entrance prices among other ski resorts.

Kartepe Gezisi Notlari
Kartepe Kayak Merkezi
Kartepe Ski Slope

Kartepe consists of 4 main slopes according to the experience of the visitors. Karlıktepe is accessed by chairlift, while Geyikalanı, Kartepe and the slopes belonging to the hotel, which are used by those who have no experience in skiing and those who take lessons, are accessed by chairlift. A chairlift is a system that pulls you over the snow by holding on to a bar. On the other hand, chairlifts are systems that carry ski lovers to the summit by sitting like a cable car and from the air.

Where to rent equipment in Kartepe Ski Center?

In Kartepe, it is possible to rent ski equipment such as ski or snowboard sets and ski clothes at the most affordable prices in the shops along the road. It is also possible to rent ski equipment at the hotels, but the prices at the hotels are quite high. For this reason, it is preferable to rent from ski shops in the city before reaching the summit. The most well-known daily ski equipment rental point on the road is Penguentepe.

Kartepe Telesiyej
Kartepe Kayak Takimi Ekipman Kiralama

Where is Kartepe Ski Resort and how to get there?

Kartepe is 110 km from Istanbul. If you avoid traffic, you can reach Kartepe Ski Center in an hour and a half. When traveling from Istanbul TEM Highway towards Izmit, the point you need to reach is Izmit (East) toll booths. This exit will take you to Maşukiye. If you follow the signs from Maşukiye to Kartepe, you will arrive at Kartepe Facilities after a 17 km / half an hour journey.

Kartepe is a place to visit not only in winter but also in summer. Kartepe facilities are open throughout the summer and you can use the chair lifts to go to the summit of Kartepe. If you are going by car, you have to pay a parking fee and you have to pay for the cable car to go up.  There is not much need for this. But it was also nice to see this place, which was covered with snow and ice in winter and even the parking lot was full due to the density, empty in greenery. The roads leading to Kartepe and the roads leading to the surrounding plateaus are green in summer.

Kartepe Yaz Mevsimi Yollari
Kartepe Tesisleri Giris Kapisi

Let us give you one more reason to visit Kartepe in summer. There are plateaus on the foothills of Kartepe and these plateaus are used as a cooling point throughout the summer. You can set up tent camps in Kuzuyayla Nature Park and Suadiye Plateau and enjoy the cool weather. You can also just go sightseeing and picnicking. They are very beautiful places, I recommend them.

It is possible to go to Kartepe from Tuzla with the buses allocated by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. Line number 200 starts from Kartal Metro station and goes to Pendik, Tuzla, Gebze and finally Izmit (Kartepe). For those coming from Ankara, the distance from Ankara to Kartepe is 340km (3h 40min), from Eskişehir to Kartepe is 210km (2h 40), while the distance from Bolu to Kartepe is 145km (1h 50min).