Sahip Ata Foundation Museum

Sahip Ata Foundation Museum

Owner of the Sahip Ata Foundation Museum, Sahip Ata Fahreddin Ali was an important statesman during the Seljuk period. Appointed as the grand vizier of Kılıçarslan IV, Sahip Ata had many works built around Konya. For example, the Konya Ince Minareli Madrasa, which fascinates those who look at it with its minaret and gate, belongs to Sahip Ata.

The rooms in the Sahip Ata Museum are used for the exhibition of various artifacts. There are many artifacts brought from mosques and masjids in Konya, Karaman and Aksaray, Seljuk artifacts such as carved wooden door wings, calligraphy plates, tile and stone artifacts, handwritten Qurans, hand-woven rugs. The artifacts were brought from the surrounding buildings. For example, some of the tiles were brought from the Shams-i Tebrizi Mosque and Alaaddin Mosque Tomb. It is possible to see the Koran brought from Konya Başaranbey Mosque and the door brought from the next door Sahip Ata Mosque.

Konya Sahip Ata Vakif Muzesi Gezilecek Yerler
Konya Sahip Ata Vakif Muzesi Gorulecek Yerler

In the north iwan of the Sahip Ata Foundation Museum, there is a sacred sheriff brought from the Piri Mehmet Pasha Mosque, kept in a wooden box with mother-of-pearl and a glass tube. One of the rooms was used as a mausoleum. Everything in the mausoleum is covered with beautiful tiles. The tiles decorating the walls of the mausoleum consist of delicately engraved verses. Sahip Ata’s two sons were buried here, then Sahip Ata, who wanted to turn this place into a family graveyard, built today’s mausoleum.

Konya Sahip Ata Vakif Muzesi Sakali Serif
Sakal-ı Şerif in Sahip Ata Foundation Museum
Konya Sahip Ata Vakif Muzesi Turbesi
The tiled tomb of Sahip Ata Foundation Museum

At the entrance of the museum, you can see the photos taken before the museum was restored. It was a very dilapidated building at the time. After the restoration, it was turned into a museum that is a pleasant place to visit. In 2006, the restored building and the mausoleum part was turned into a museum, while the bath and mosque parts outside were put into service in accordance with their purpose.

Konya Sahip Ata Vakif Muzesi Sahip Ata Camii
Sahib-i Ata Mosque
Konya Sahip Ata Vakif Muzesi Zikir Teshibi
Dhikr prayer beads brought from Saksağanlar Mosque

Where and how to get to Sahip Ata Foundation Museum?

From Alaaddin Hill, walk along Sırçalı Medrese Street. At the intersection with Sahibiata Street, you will see a mosque with elegant embroidery. This mosque is Sahib-i Ata Mosque. The gate and minaret at the entrance of the mosque are worth seeing. The mosque is also known as Larende Mosque because it is located near the Larende Gate of the Konya city wall.

Exit the mosque, turn right on Sahibiata Street and turn right again on Sırçalı Medrese Street. Very soon on the right is the entrance to the Sahip Ata Foundation Museum. Apart from the Konya Ince Minareli Madrasa, Sahip Ata built a complex named after him, consisting of a mosque, a fountain, a bath and a mausoleum. While you are here, visit the Konya Archeology Museum on the other side of the mosque.