Konya Science Center

Konya Science Center

Konya Science Center is one of the museums where not only children but also adults can learn many things and improve themselves in the name of science. Konya Science Museum, one of the TUBITAK-supported science museums, makes sure that you feel your horizons expand with every piece of information.

Opened in 2014 and with new galleries added every year, the museum consists of various exhibition halls and each gallery contains different categories of scientific information. It is a very useful science center in terms of reducing science to the public rather than the difficulty of accessing science.

Konya Bilim Merkezi Deney Malzemeleri
Konya Bilim Merkezi Gezilecek Yerler

One of the galleries is about robotics. Here you can conduct technological experiments such as robots and communication networks. They have not forgotten the technological devices of the modern age such as a robot trying to communicate with you on a basic level, another robot trying to imitate your movements, humanoid robots.

Konya Bilim Merkezi Taklitci Robot
Konya Bilim Merkezi Insansi Robotlar

In the gallery about the work of scientists who have an important place in the world of science, who have discovered new inventions and discoveries, there are scientific devices and information such as inventions, number systems, the invention of mathematical calculations. Paintings on visual illusion, optics, compasses are all part of the explorers.

Konya Bilim Merkezi Musluman Kasifler
Konya Bilim Merkezi Kesifler

With the exhibition Our Body, which has exhibition units such as the immune system, digestive system, musculoskeletal system, respiratory and circulatory system, cancer and genetic diseases, you can get to know our body better and better understand our organs and the functioning of diseases.

Konya Bilim Merkezi Vucudumuz Sergisi
Konya Bilim Merkezi Vucudumuz Galerisi

With this gallery comes more interesting and previously unseen subjects. You can see fossils of extinct creatures in the gallery with the concept of the Tethys Sea, where you can see sea creatures such as the masasaur, a sea creature thought to be the ancestor of today’s eel. There is also a platform where you can see the shaking effects of the earthquake. There are simulations of a 3 magnitude shake, a 5 magnitude Konya earthquake, a 7.1 magnitude Van earthquake and a 7.6 magnitude Izmit earthquake. 9.0 and 9.2 magnitude Japan and Alaska earthquakes are also options that can be opened by the staff. Of course, the exhibition focuses not only on earthquakes but also on other events that take place inside the earth, such as volcanism and energies.

Konya Bilim Merkezi Tetis Denizi Fosili
Konya Bilim Merkezi Deprem Odasi

The climate rooms, which I encountered for the first time, bring to life different climates around the world. When you enter the tropical climate room, you can feel yourself in a tropical climate with tropical sounds, air temperature and humidity. Likewise, the polar climate room allows you to learn about how the poles feel with very low temperatures. There is also a temperate climate room. Although these rooms are 2 square meters, they are beautiful setups.

Konya Bilim Merkezi Iklim Odalari
Konya Bilim Merkezi Tropikal Iklim

Konya Science Center’s Space and Astronomy exhibition is very good and unusual. If you are interested in the universe and space science, you will definitely like it. It provides interesting experiences such as leaning back in your seat and moving after the countdown as if you were on the tip of a rocket, the earth and the planets around it, traveling in a space shuttle model, space exploration with a telescope.

Konya Bilim Merkezi Mekik Tasarimi
Konya Bilim Merkezi Uzay Bilimi