Kütahya Airplane Museum

Kütahya Airplane Museum

Kütahya Airplane Museum is a museum where about 10 airplanes are exhibited. The planes on display are military planes and bombers. There are much better airplane museums in Turkey, but this is one of the places you can visit on your trip to Kütahya.

It is a good museum for people from Kütahya who are interested in warplanes, who want to see these types of planes up close but cannot. If you are interested in airplanes, the Aviation and Aircraft Museum in Eskişehir is another aviation museum nearby, where airplanes and helicopters are exhibited.

The museum is surrounded by fences as it is a military area. If you want to enter the area where the airplanes are located, you have to go to the military and tell them that you want to enter the museum. You will probably be accompanied by a soldier who will open the doors of the museum. Maybe it was like this because we went on a Sunday.

Kutahya Hava Muzesi Savas Ucaklari
Kutahya Hava Muzesi Bombardiman Ucaklari

Located close to the city center of Kütahya, Kütahya Air Museum is located in the garden of Kütahya Air Private Training Brigade. The airplanes are lined up on the main road leading to the entrance gate of the brigade. Since it is very close to the road, it is possible to take photos without going inside.

Kutahya Hava Ucak Muzesi Ucaklari
Kutahya Hava Ucak Muzesi Sergi Ucaklari