Bolu Abant Lake: A Peaceful Nature Classic

Abant Lake will be a very good choice when you want to get away from the chaos you are in and leave yourself in the world of green and blue. Abant Lake, located within the borders of Bolu, is approximately 30 km from Bolu.

This wonderful landslide set lake, formed as a result of land slides in the Abant Mountains, is 1,325 meters above sea level. The deepest point of Lake Abant, which covers an area of 1.28 square kilometers, is 18 meters.

There are pine and coniferous fir trees of the pine family around the lake, but there is no stream that feeds the lake. Lake Abant, which is completely fed by spring waters and rain, is also the habitat of otters.

Abant Golu Bolu
Abant Golu Rehberi

What to do in Lake Abant?

The best activity in Lake Abant is cycling. If you want to take a tour around Lake Abant, there is a 7 km long road. You can either drive around with your car, take a walk or ride a bike. But we do not recommend the phaetons in the region.

Abant Golu Atlari
Day trip to Abant
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Things to do in Lake Abant

Where to stay in Lake Abant?

Accommodation in Lake Abant: Lake Abant is an exquisite region for photographers, and the reflection of the lush green of the forest in the lake can make your photo frames exhilarate.

If you want to stay to taste the sunrise or sunset or enjoy the night, there are 3 hotels by the lake. Abant Palace, Abant Köşkü and Büyük Abant, the hotels have divided their rooms into two as forest view and lake view.

Of course, the price of the lake view room is higher. Alternatively, you can camp if you have a tent. If you intend to go out of Abant the next day, you can also stay in the center of Bolu, where prices are more affordable.

Abant Golu Gezi Yazisi
How many days to stay in Lake Abant?
Abant Golu Iskelesi
Places to visit in Bolu Abant Lake

Bolu Abant Lake tent camping area is a beautiful area where you can pitch a tent in nature. You can pitch a tent at Lake Abant by paying 30TL per tent. There is a toilet in the area. If you are going to set up a tent and plan to barbecue, I suggest you buy your materials from places close to Bolu center before coming to the lake.

How much is the entrance fee to Lake Abant Nature Park?

Since Lake Abant Nature Park is under the General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks, entrance fee is charged. If you go by car, the entrance fee is charged regardless of the number of people in the vehicle.

You can leave your car in the area arranged as a parking lot a little after you enter. If you are not going to enter Lake Abant and continue on your way, which is possible because it is located on the access road, you do not have to pay any fee if you tell the attendant.

Where is Lake Abant and how to get there?

To get to Lake Abant, which is 279 km from Istanbul, you need to take the Abant intersection after the Bolu tunnel. Then you reach Abant at the end of a magnificent tree-lined road for 20 kilometers.

If you want to reach Lake Abant from Bolu, it is 35 km (35 minutes), while the distance between Ankara and Lake Abant is 230 km (2 hours 30 minutes). If you want to reach from Bursa, a challenging road awaits you, you don’t have to cover 300km (3h 30min).

If you have a car and want to get to the bottom of nature, you can include Mudurnu Lake (18 km), Sünnet Lake (35 km) and Sülüklü Lake (78 km) on your route. Let’s not forget Gölcük Lake, 13 km from the center of Bolu. Visit the page for places to visit in Bolu.

Address: Abant, Bolu