Lake Iznik Activities with Breakfast and Camping

Lake Iznik Activities with Breakfast and Camping

Iznik Lake, formed as a result of tectonic movements, is Turkey’s 5th largest lake. This lake, whose deepest point is 65 meters, is located among the lands surrounded by olive groves. The lake, which strengthens the touristic aspect of the region, also meets the water needs of the region. Do not say what to do in Iznik Lake, the lake has a multifunctional, touristic structure.

Iznik is one of our distinguished cities with many historical monuments. Some of these historical sites have been under the waters of Lake Iznik over time. Among these ancient buildings, which are not very old and where excavations and various researches are carried out, there is a basilica. When Christianity was forbidden, Neophytos, a 16-year-old saint, was killed on the shore of Lake Iznik. When the Edict of Milan was issued, which stated that Christianity was free, those who loved St. Neophytos built the Basilica of St. Neophytos, which is flooded today. As excavations are ongoing, the area where the basilica is located is not open for swimming or canoeing, and the church ruins are surrounded by pontoons for protection.

What to do in Lake Iznik?

Swimming: Lake Iznik is a lake suitable for swimming. So much so that it even has beaches. One of the beaches of Lake Iznik is the sandy beach next to the ruins of the Senate Palace, located west of the city of Iznik. It is one of the beaches preferred by the people of the region with its proximity to the city center.

Iznik Golu Plajlari Nerede Yuzulur
Iznik Golu Nerede Yuzulur

Canoeing: Lake Iznik is also an ideal spot for canoeing. Every year between March 31 and April 2, dozens of athletes compete with each other in the Iznik Canoe Festival. Of course, you need to have a canoe to participate in the festival, but if you want to canoe on Lake Iznik outside the festival, this is also possible. There are places around Lake Iznik that offer canoe rental services. Paddling in the middle of the lake, especially against the sunset, is a must-see experience.

Breakfast on Lake Iznik

Many restaurants around Lake Iznik offer both breakfast and dinner at sunset. If Lake Iznik breakfast places are not for you, you can have a nice breakfast by the lake by taking your own materials such as tables, chairs and breakfast dishes. The asphalt road around the lake passes a few meters away from the lake most of the time. This means that you can approach the lake wherever you want and have breakfast by the lake.

Iznik Golu Kahvalti Mekanlari
If Iznik Lake breakfast prices are beyond your budget, here is a good solution for you.
Iznik Golu Kahvalti Malzemeleri
An ordinary breakfast place in Iznik Lake. It is quite enjoyable to have breakfast by pulling your car to the lakeside and listening to the sound of the lake waves.

Camping on Lake Iznik

It is also possible to set up tents and camp around Lake Iznik. Every point of the lake is also suitable for caravan camping. As a business, you can evaluate Doğa Muhit Camping on the borders of Güllüce Village in the south of the lake. There are also very suitable camping areas around the lake for free. You can choose a place suitable for your tent by exploring around a bit.

Bursa Iznik Doga Muhit Camping Kamp Alani
Where to stay in Lake Iznik? Tent camping area by the lake

Let me briefly mention the places to visit around Lake Iznik. To the east of Lake Iznik, the city of Iznik, from which it takes its name, has historical places and buildings to visit. You can visit Iznik step by step by taking advantage of our Iznik Travel Guide article.

Where is Lake Iznik and how to get there?

Lake Iznik is a lake shared by the districts of Bursa named Orhangazi and Iznik. There is even a ferry service called Akşemsettin between Orhangazi and Iznik in the summer season. Transportation by car is very easy, public transportation is possible by minibuses from Yalova or Bursa. You can also come with your bicycles by ferries departing from Pendik and Yalova.