Laodicea on the Lycus: One of Most Famous Cities of Anatolia

The ancient city of Laodikeia was built in the 1st century BC and was one of the most important and famous cities of Anatolia in its time. Especially since it was founded in the south of the Lykos River, it is also geographically suitable for trade.

It is said that the name Laodikeia was taken from Laodike, the wife of Antiochus II, the founder of the city.

The city maintained its importance until the great earthquake in the 7th century AD, and even Christianity is very important in this city as it is home to one of the churches mentioned in the Bible.

Denizli Laodikeia Antik Kenti Gezilecek Yerler
Denizli Laodikeia Antik Kenti Gezi Notlari

The first excavations in Laodikeia started in 2003. Laodikeia Ancient City, which has come a long way in this short time, is planned to become the second Ephesus.

While in many ancient cities, excavations are carried out only in the summer, in Laodikeia, excavations are carried out in all months of the year.

Denizli Laodikeia Antik Kenti Kalintilari
Denizli Laodikeia Antik Kenti Sutunlu Cadde

There were many large monumental buildings in the city. Among the important buildings of the city were the 20,000-seat theater with its orchestra and seating areas intact, the smaller theater with a capacity of 15,000, the 350×60 meter stadium, the monumental fountain, the parliament building, the temples, and the great church with only a part of the supporting parts still standing.

Denizli Laodikeia Antik Kenti Sutunlu Cadde Yazisi
Denizli Laodikeia Antik Kenti Notlari

You can easily reach Laodikeia Ancient City by car. Laodikeia Ancient City, which is 6 km from Denizli city center, is easily accessible by signposts.

After entering the museum, you park your car in the special areas reserved for vehicles and start your pedestrian journey. The columned street welcomes visitors first.

On the right side of the colonnaded street is a temple, some of which has survived to the present day. The area where the gifts brought for the temple are kept is located under the temple.

They have covered this area with glass so that it can be easily examined. We can walk on the glass a few meters above the gift area. If you have a Müzekart, you can enter Laodikeia Ancient City for free.

Denizli Laodikeia Antik Kenti Tapinak Gezi Yazisi
Denizli Laodikeia Antik Kenti Camli Tapinak