Is Living in USA Worth It? What You Need To Know

Even though we went to America as tourists, staying in the home of someone who has lived there for years and had her children there gives a much better picture of what it is like to live in America than staying in a hotel as a tourist.

The place we stayed is a town in Atlanta, Georgia. It is half an hour away from Atlanta. There are pros and cons to living in America. You decide which one weighs more heavily. You can meet a lot of people who say they want to live in America. We only went there as tourists and we don’t know much about living and working in America.

I believe that everyone should visit America at least once and see how the society treats people. In this article, I would like to talk about a few points we have seen about the culture of life of the American people rather than issues such as residence permit, finding a job in America, green card.

American People

The lifestyle in America is generally comfortable, why is it comfortable? They earn dollars and spend dollars there. Clothing, groceries, electronics, cars, gasoline prices are cheap, so they can have everything. There is no problem of making a living. And this returns to them positively. They can spend time for themselves and their families. Every one of them is full of enthusiasm and spreading joy around.

Living expenses in USA
Living expenses in USA
Amerika Yasam Kulturu

As a result of the above, American people are very respectful and tolerant. You are greeted with a smile everywhere. Everyone is trying to do their job in the best and happiest way. The hardest part of this article will be explaining this place, you can see the value of human to human in any grocery store. Employees usually start their conversations with hello, how are you, how is your day going.

When you approach someone, even though how u’ doing is ordinary and casual, it is a preferred situation compared to grumpiness. We inevitably compare the employees at McDonald’s with the ones there. Contrary to the chaos in our country, they do their job very well. Even if someone passes 1 meter away from you in the stores, they say “excuse me” and smile. Believe me, when everyone is like this, not just one or two, then you realize how critical the situation is in our country.

Food Culture in USA

Americans do not have authentic foods. Most of them do not eat a healthy diet, they mostly eat fast food. It is both more practical and cheaper to eat out instead of cooking at home. Since public transportation is very inadequate and cars and gasoline are cheap, they use cars for transportation. Each of these factors is a reason why Americans are overweight. That’s why the obesity rate in America is so high.

When everything in America is big and fancy, this is reflected in the food. When you ask for a plate of food, you get a plate that can easily feed at least two people.

What and Where to Eat in America?
What and Where to Eat in America?

Eggs and pancakes are their favorite breakfast. Be sure to try Cracker Barrel, which is everywhere for breakfast. They make a very good Blueberry Pancake here.

Cracker Barrel
Cracker Barrel
Blueberry Pancake
Blueberry Pancake

Foreign Language in USA

Knowing English is not enough to understand what people in America are saying. We used English on our trips to Europe, but we never had as much difficulty as we did in the U.S. Because it was the first time we went to a country whose native language was English and it was an interesting experience. For example, we couldn’t understand someone who spoke English very well because they were very fluent.

Especially the speech of the black group in the towns is also different. For example, we had a hard time understanding their language just like we had a hard time understanding a real Aegean. Since the origin of the black group is not Europe, but they migrated here from Africa, they speak English like another language. Even if you ask them to speak slowly, they say the slow version of the discourse that is incomprehensible to us, again in an incomprehensible way.

Nature in USA

American history does not go back thousands of years like ours. It has a history of 300 years at most. For this reason, you may ask what there is to visit in America. America has a lot of nature. There are many green areas. Houses outside the city centers are single-storey, detached houses, with large plots of land and gardens in front and behind. Some of them overlook the forest.

Amerikada Evler Nasil
Amerikada Sokaklarinda Evler

You can see the amount of greenery in my whole neighborhood, even in just one house. Of course, you can’t plant as you please, there are rules for everything like grass length standards. Everything is within a legal framework. Since it is a country covered with forests, you encounter squirrels, deer, rabbits and raccoons instead of cats and dogs.

Amicalola Falls / Georgia
Amicalola Falls / Georgia
Helen Town / Georgia
Helen Town / Georgia

Tax System in the United States

First of all, taxes are very low in America. That’s why everyone in a family has a car, for example. Anyone with a normal income can have many things they want. While tax rates vary by state, some states have no tax.

Health and Insurance in the USA

One of the downsides of America is health insurance. There are many parameters that affect insurance. The cost of treatment for dental diseases is higher than ours. If you don’t have insurance, don’t get sick.

Education in America

We don’t know much about the education system in America, but parents send their children to schools with anxiety. Because there is a kidnapping situation in America. In many places, we came across billboards with photos and information about kidnapped children. Some families prefer homeschooling and students who graduate from home do not have any problems at university. Universities accept a home schooled student. One or two big universities don’t accept them, but the rest are fine.

In short…

  • I guess there are no people smoking in America. we visited so many places, we didn’t see any smokers.
  • Societal comfort is at the highest level. They close their workplaces immediately after work. They don’t work on weekends anyway.
  • They are sick of American football, they know the teams, the players, who is where, regardless of men and women.
  • Life is not rich, it is monotonous, routine. Americans are individualistic, social activities are limited.
  • The family structure in America is also more constructive. Families try to accustom their children to being individuals and to life. At the same time, they aim to keep family ties strong. They often hug and kiss mothers, fathers and grandmothers.