Lurgrotte Cave Semriach

Lurgrotte Cave, the largest cave in Austria, was first discovered by an Italian caver in 1894. With a constant temperature of 10 degrees and 98% humidity, it is thought to be good for many diseases.  Lurgrotte is about 5km long. This formation, which runs for a long time in the mountain, can be visited with a very adventurous spirit with guided tours.

This means a seven-hour journey, sometimes crawling, sometimes wading through waist-deep water. The illuminations and information inside the cave take it out of the ordinary cave trip. Since water levels can fluctuate during rainy weather, a modern warning system has been installed. However, when the cave was still new, a cave explorer was rescued after being trapped inside for 9 days due to rapidly rising water levels. This was lucky, because there was also a female cave explorer who fell 20 meters to her death during an exploration.

Graz Lurgrotte Magarasi Arkeoloji Muzesi
Graz Lurgrotte Magarasi Arkeoloji Muzesi Eserleri

Lurgrotte Cave is about 6 kilometers long and can be visited between April and October between 09:00 and 16:00 and can only be visited with guided tours. If you are going there as a tourist, a shorter and easier tour program awaits you. Tour prices are as follows. 1 hour tour costs 8€, 2 hour tour costs 14€. It is also possible to join the tours by making a reservation during the winter months. The tours start at 10:00 in the morning and the last tour is scheduled for 15:00. 2-hour tours also require a reservation in advance. These tours have electric lighting up to 2km, but after that you can use head lamps.

Graz Lurgrotte Magarasi Dogasi
Graz Lurgrotte Magarasi Yol Plani

Archaeologists have confirmed that the Lurgrotte Cave has been inhabited since the Palaeolithic Age. Since we were late for the cave, we couldn’t join the tours mentioned above. I would like to join them if we are in the area again. But since we caught the guy in charge before we left, we asked him to show us the museum at least, and thanks to him, he did not refuse. You can see the artifacts found in the cave in the museum at the entrance of the cave.

Graz Lurgrotte Magarasi Girisi
Graz Lurgrotte Magarasi Tabelasi

Where is Lurgrotte Cave? How to get there?

The cave has two entrances, one in the village of Peggau and one in the village of Semriach on the other side of the hill next to Peggau. Both villages are located north of Graz, but it makes more sense to go to Peggau as it is near the main road. But there is also something you should know. The two ends of the cave are no longer connected. So whichever side you enter, you have to return to the same place and finish the tour. I guess the connection between the two ends is no longer allowed because it has reached a dangerous level due to flood waters.