Malta 5D Experience Before Sightseeing Malta

Before seeing the turbulent history of the thousands of years old island of Malta up close, you can visit Malta sitting in Malta 5D and have a fun and enlightening experience.

Malta 5D aims to introduce the island of Malta to visitors from all over the world with 13 different language options. The 18-minute video is a very satisfying result both visually and audibly. Wind and water effects, as well as moving seats, make visitors feel at one with the image. Before you visit Malta, a Malta 5D experience can be a source of inspiration for your trip to other parts of Malta.

Malta 5D is open every day and visitors are admitted every half hour. You wait for the people inside to leave before entering the theater. You can consume acidic and non-acidic drinks in the waiting room for free.

When you enter the movie theater, they give you 3D glasses, headphones and a remote control. With the remote you can set which language you can listen in. In addition to 64 movable seats, there are also 10 fixed seats for those who don’t like movement.

The first thing you should do as soon as you go to Valletta is to enter Malta 5D. Not only that, if you are going to visit Malta, you can also get your Malta Pass card here, which offers various discounts like our Museum Pass. Not only will you save money here, but you will also have a Malta Pass card which is useful for public transportation and museums.

Address: No.7 Old Bakery Street, Valletta