Malta Aviation Museum

The Malta Aviation Museum in Ta’Qali is a museum with 3 hangars where World War II and post-war airplanes are exhibited.

It is possible to see many vehicles related to aviation from helicopters to airplanes in the museum. Hawker Sea Hawk FGA.2, de Havilland Sea Venom XG691, Gloster Meteor, Douglas Dakota, Cessna Birddog, North American Texan are exhibited in the museum along with their history.

Malta Havacilik Muzesi Ucaklari
Malta Havacilik Muzesi Savas Ucagi

The museum also exhibits uniforms used during the wars. You can see soldiers’, officers’ and pilots’ uniforms, as well as a pilot’s chair from the history of the war.

Malta Havacilik Muzesi Uniformalar
Malta Havacilik Muzesi Pilot Koltugu

Small toys and models related to airplanes and aviation are among the artifacts exhibited in the museum. All kinds of airplanes and small human figures of military types will be of interest to toy lovers.

Malta Havacilik Muzesi Oyuncak Ucaklar

Although the museum is not in an easy location, it is exciting to see the war-damaged airplanes here and have the opportunity to examine them closely.

Malta Havacilik Muzesi Ucak Enkazi
Malta Havacilik Muzesi Ucak Tamiri

The most exciting part of the museum is the chance to enter the cockpit of a real airplane reserved for visitors. Like a pilot, you can fiddle with all the buttons in the cockpit and get to know the steering system personally.

Malta Havacilik Muzesi Ziyaretcilere Ucak
Malta Havacilik Muzesi Ucak Kokpiti

To get off at the stops closest to the Malta Aviation Museum from Valletta, you can take buses 50, 51, 52, 53 from Qali 2 bus stop and bus 56 from Qali 3 bus stop. If you are coming from the airport, you should take bus number X3.

Malta Havacilik Muzesi Konumu
Malta Havacilik Muzesi Hangar