Manawaiopuna Falls: Jurassic Park Falls in Kauai Hawaii

Manawaiopuna Falls, also known as Jurassic Park Falls due to its appearance in the 1993 movie, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and iconic waterfalls in all of Hawaii.

Located on the Hawaii island of Kauai, Manawaiopuna Falls is surrounded by lush forests and is a popular destination for nature lovers and thrill seekers alike.

Significance of Manawaiopuna Falls

Despite its remote location, Manawaiopuna Falls is one of the most popular tourist attractions on the island of Kauai. The falls are located on the southwest side of Kauai, within the Hanapepe Valley.

The falls are located in a far-flung and hard-to-reach area. This has helped to keep them pristine. The area around the falls is lush and green with a variety of plants and animals.

Manawaiopuna Falls Helicopter
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How to visit Manawaiopuna Falls?

The land where the waterfall falls is a private property. It belongs to the Robinson family, who also own Forbidden Island in Niihau. However, its beauty and popularity thanks to the movie industry has increased the desire to visit this place.

To visit Manawaiopuna Falls you will need to take a helicopter tour from Kauai. These tours usually take around 80 minutes including landing and will give you plenty of time to see the falls both up close and from above. Be sure to take your camera with you as it is truly a breathtaking sight.

Manawaiopuna Falls helicopter tours

A helicopter tour of Manawaiopuna Falls is one of the most popular tourist activities on Kauai. The reason for this is simple: the views from the top of the falls are simply breathtaking.

The natural beauty that can be seen from a helicopter cannot be described in words, so you have to see it with your own eyes. For reservations, prices and other details, you can check the websites of the tour companies.

Although there are many different companies offering helicopter tours to Manawaiopuna Falls, only Island Helicopters has permission to land at the base of the falls. It is therefore important to do your research and choose a company that you feel comfortable with.

It’s also important to note that these tours are not cheap, so if you’re on a budget you may want to check out other waterfalls on the island of Kauai.

Manawaiopuna Falls Islands Helicopter
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Manawaiopuna Falls Jurassic Park Falls Kauai
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Manawaiopuna Falls Jurassic Park scene

The Falls are also known for being featured in the 1993 Steven Spielberg classic Jurassic Park.

In the movie, it is known as the place where Dr. Alan Grant and his team landed by helicopter on Isla Nublar, the park full of dinosaurs, and escaped from the park that would eventually be destroyed by dinosaurs.

Where and how to get to Manawaiopuna Falls?

The best way to reach the waterfall is by helicopter, as mentioned above. Although hiking is an option, it is illegal as it is private land and the rugged terrain is extremely dangerous.


Manawaiopuna Falls on Kauai is truly a sight to behold. Its majesty is something that cannot be captured on camera or described in words and must be seen first hand to truly appreciate its majestic beauty.