Mardin Grand Mosque

Mardin Grand Mosque

Mardin Grand Mosque, also known as Cami-i Kebir, is the oldest mosque in Mardin. According to the records, it is stated that the minaret of the mosque, which has two minarets, was destroyed by an earthquake according to one rumor and by a lightning strike according to another rumor.

The minaret on the east side, with its sliced ​​dome and cylindrical minaret, is 52 meters long. It is decorated with beautiful motifs and kufic scripts commonly used in Arabic calligraphy. If we examine the shapes in the cylindrical part; The basmala is written in the square area, and the Yasin Surah is written in the area that looks like a ring just above it.

Mardin Ulu Camii Manzarasi
Mardin Ulu Camii Minaresi

When we look above, the teardrop form appears. Tears are mercy. It starts with Allah, and the names of the Prophet Muhammad and 4 caliphs are written in the drop. The door forms at the top represent the eight gates of heaven. In the middle of the area, which is in the form of a medallion, we see the inscription of Allah. Its surroundings are adorned with the names of 10 Companions (Ashere-i Mübeşşere), who were given the good news of paradise while alive.

Of course, there is no one among you who spent and fought before the conquest and who spent and fought after the conquest. They are higher in rank than those who spent and fought after that. However, Allah promises each of them Paradise. God is aware of everything you do. (Hadid, 57/10)