Amphora Museum

Amphora Museum

Located on İsmet İnönü Street, just behind the park next to Taşucu Port, the Amphora Museum is a museum that was created 40 years ago and has more than 400 artifacts. It was opened as a museum in 1995 when Arslan Eyca donated his collection to the foundation and was granted museum status by the Ministry of Culture in 1997.

In the museum, Silifke has had an important place in terms of trade since the Old Stone Age. Both its location close to the sea and its relationship with the overseas cities in the north have enabled the development of trade. What is called trade is an exchange. The goods produced must be able to be transported to other places in order to find a place in the market. For this purpose, amphorae, which are among the indispensable protectors of sea transportation and ensure that the goods produced can be transported in the most robust way, were used.

Mersin Silifke Amfora Muzesi Gorulecek Yerler
Mersin Silifke Amfora Muzesi Gezi Yazisi

Amphorae are pointed bottomed vessels with two handles. The history of amphorae, which are widely used in transportation, covers almost all periods. The museum, where amphorae recovered from sunken ships and underwater excavations are exhibited, is the only amphora museum in Turkey.

Mersin Silifke Amfora Muzesi Kapisi
Mersin Silifke Amfora Muzesi Gezilecek Yerler

Apart from amphorae, the museum also exhibits archaeological artifacts. Candles, storage containers, pottery, various columns and sculptures are among the artifacts on display. It is actually an amphora-heavy museum where finds from shipwrecks are exhibited rather than amphorae.

Mersin Silifke Amfora Muzesi Batik Buluntulari
Mersin Silifke Amfora Muzesi Batik Buluntular