Mersin Archaeology Museum

Mersin Archaeology Museum

Mersin Archaeology Museum, located in a small section to the east of the old People’s House building, was founded in 1978 and opened to archaeology lovers in 1991, after the building was transformed into the Cultural Center.

Mersin, which is very large in terms of history and contains many archaeological artifacts because it is at the crossroads of civilizations, does not have an adequate museum. In today’s museum, the archaeological artifacts are overflowing into the garden of the museum, as if a master builder had just put his materials there. The museum exhibits very few artifacts due to its small size. This is an indication that most of the artifacts are rotting in the storerooms. The museum feels a bit neglected, a bit neglected. Our visit breaks the loneliness of the museum and we start to visit.

Mersin Arkeoloji Muzesi Tarihi Eserler
Mersin Arkeoloji Muzesi Tarihi Kalintilar

Mersin Archaeology Museum can be entered free of charge with Müzekart. The section at the entrance exhibits Roman sculptures, statue heads, different sarcophagi and inscriptions from the ancient city of Nagidos. Jugs, fragrance pots, oil lamps, tools made of bone are among the artifacts exhibited in this gallery.

Mersin Arkeoloji Muzesi Salonlari
Mersin Arkeoloji Muzesi Lahitleri

Archaeological artifacts, drinking vessels, jugs, various vessels, terracotta pottery, glass and bronze artifacts found in Yumuktepe and Gözlükule excavations, one of the oldest settlement centers of Anatolia, are among the other artifacts you can see in the museum. In the garden of the museum, it is also possible to see stone artifacts, column capitals and large jars from various periods.

Mersin Arkeoloji Muzesi Arkeolojik Eserler
Mersin Arkeoloji Muzesi Amforalar

Stones millions of years old are among the artifacts exhibited in the museum. There are also fossilized objects excavated from Mersin. You can see 395 million years old corals, shells, sea urchin fossils, eel fossils and various rocks.

Mersin Arkeoloji Muzesi Kayaclar
Mersin Arkeoloji Muzesi Fosiller

It is rumored that the Mersin Archaeological Museum will finally move to a new building towards the end of 2016. The need for a new museum arose from the fact that the existing building was closed to development and the artifacts could not be properly exhibited. Rumor has it that the new museum will be built on the vacant lot next to Hz. Mughdat Mosque. Hopefully, the new building will be in line with modern museology and the artifacts will receive the value they deserve.