Mersin Naval Museum

Mersin Naval Museum

Mersin Naval Museum is one of the six naval museums in Turkey. It is among the museums in Istanbul Naval Museum, Çanakkale Naval Museum, Iskenderun, Izmir and Kocaeli, and it is a beautiful museum where you can learn about the history of the Turkish Navy.

Exhibiting important ships, events and artifacts from the Ottoman period to the beginning of the Republic, Mersin Naval Museum takes 1 – 1.5 hours to visit. The museum is full of textual details as well. In the museum, we learn about events and people we know, as well as many people we do not know who changed the course of history.

In the showcases in the hall, there are many maritime-related objects such as sailor clothes, inventions, weapons, various coat of arms models, ship models, binoculars, marine compasses from every period of Turkish maritime history. You can also see oil on canvas paintings of naval battles in history. The paintings depicting naval battles provide you with a visual idea of the wars of the period.

Mersin Deniz Muzesi Piri Reis
Mersin Deniz Muzesi Kiyafetleri

Çaka Bey, the first Turkish sailor. He organized wars against Rome. He established shipyards in İzmir and Selçuk and his activities laid the foundation of the Turkish Navy. The island of Djerba was a victory won with the Battle of Djerba during the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent. The panels explain in detail the conditions under which the Ottoman Empire was conquered, under which commanders and where and how.

Mersin Deniz Muzesi Ataturk Bolumu
Mersin Deniz Muzesi Objeler

Various events are also featured in the museum. One of them is the Turkish submarine Dumlupınar, which sank in 1953 with a crew of 86. The reason for the sinking was a collision with a Swedish dry cargo ship named Naboland off Cape Nara in the Dardanelles. Only 5 people could be rescued from the ship. You can see the newspaper clippings, news and the names of the martyred soldiers of this tragic event called Dumlupınar Disaster.

Mersin Deniz Muzesi Yeralti Ekipmani Dalgic Kiyafeti
Mersin Deniz Muzesi Pusula

Another major accident that the museum provides information about is the Ertuğrul Shipwreck. During the reign of Abdülhamit II, the Emperor of Japan visited the Ottoman Empire and the Ottomans wanted to pay him a return visit, for which they allocated the best warship they had. The name of this ship was Ertuğrul Frigate. Setting off in 1889, the frigate arrives in Japan in 1890, stopping at various ports from time to time. It stays here for 3 months. During the return, the frigate was caught in a typhoon and sank after hitting rocks, and 69 sailors out of 607 crew members were rescued, although a clear number could not be given. The place where the Ertuğrul Frigate sank, the monument erected by Japan, the model model of the Ertuğrul Frigate and the paintings depicting the frigate can be seen in this area.

Mersin Deniz Muzesi Ertugrul Firkateyni Maketi
Mersin Deniz Muzesi Ertugrul Firkateyni Tablosu

Located in Mersin’s Yenişehir district, the museum was completed in 2010 and opened to visitors. Mersin Maritime Museum does not accept Müzekart. They also charge extra for photo shoots.