Walk in the King of Pop's Footsteps: A Tour of Michael Jackson's LA

Do you ever dream of stepping into the King of Pop’s dancing shoes and moonwalking through the very city that played a vital role in his journey to stardom? There’s an amazing opportunity to embark on a Michael Jackson LA Tour that lets you traverse through the iconic superstar’s life. So, get ready for a nostalgic journey!

The Beginning of the Journey: Gary, Indiana

Even a star as colossal as Michael Jackson didn’t just pop into the limelight overnight. Like the slow and beautiful formation of a diamond, his journey began in the humble town of Gary, Indiana, far from the glitz of LA.

Born in 1958 into a family bursting with musical talent, it wasn’t long before young Michael, a star in the making, began showcasing his incredible gifts to the world.

Michael Jackson Dancing Concert
Ekin Yalgin

The Jackson 5 Era

“With their matching afros and soulful harmonies, the Jackson 5 swiftly moved from performing at local gigs in Gary to the colorful lights and grand stages of LA.

It was during this era that Michael Jackson transformed from a bright-eyed, gifted boy to an assured, captivating performer, winning hearts all over the world.

As you explore LA, you’ll feel the echo of the Jackson 5 era in the city’s music scene, an era that marked the true beginning of Michael’s journey as the undisputed King of Pop.

Solo Career: The Rise of the King of Pop

With the Jackson 5 as a launchpad, Michael catapulted into a solo career that would revolutionize pop culture. Imagine the 80’s without the moonwalk, or the 90’s without the mesmerizing ‘Black or White’ video – it’s unthinkable.

Michael Jackson King Of Pop Concert
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As the world sat back, spellbound, Michael Jackson was busy painting LA with his musical colors, crafting the majority of his chart-topping hits in this very city.

This is where he morphed from the lead vocalist of the Jackson 5 into the King of Pop, influencing generations to come.

The “Thriller” House

Among the many iconic locations tied to Michael Jackson in LA, one stands out in particular – the ‘Thriller’ House. Constructed back in 1887, this Victorian-style, 3,532 square-foot Sander house, located in the historic housing district of Angelino Heights, is instantly recognizable to any MJ fan.

This house, originally a 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom single-family home, served as the chilling backdrop to the unforgettable ‘Thriller’ music video. Today, the house has been converted into a duplex-type property but its significance remains unchanged. It’s interesting to note that in 1971, the house, along with the entire block on Carroll Street, was declared a cultural-historical monument.

Michael Jackson The Thrilled House
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Standing in front of the ‘Thriller’ House, you can almost hear the echo of Vincent Price’s creepy laughter and the funky, heart-thumping beats that Michael danced to with a horde of zombies. It’s an uncanny, thrilling sensation that any fan of the King of Pop would relish.

But remember, the ‘Thriller’ House is a private residence now. So, if you plan on visiting, please respect the inhabitants’ privacy. You can enjoy its historical and cultural significance from the road!

Here’s the address to note: 1345 Carroll Ave, Los Angeles, CA 9002. A visit here promises a memorable experience, as long as it’s carried out respectfully!

Neverland Ranch: An Oasis Turned Enigma

“As Michael’s career shot to stratospheric heights, he sought an oasis away from the relentless limelight – and thus, Neverland Ranch, now known as Sycamore Valley Ranch, was born.

This colossal property, tucked away at 5225 Figueroa Mountain Road in Los Olivos, California, was more than just a home for Michael Jackson – it was a private amusement park, a testament to his love for childhood innocence.

Michael Jackson And His Chimpanzee At Neverland
Ekin Yalgin
Michael Jackson Neverland Ranch
Ekin Yalgin

From 1988 to 2005, Neverland Ranch was Michael’s sanctuary, filled with the laughter of children and the unique allure of the King of Pop.

It was a zoo and amusement park featuring a variety of animals, including Michael’s beloved chimpanzee, Bubbles. The ranch was complete with a Ferris wheel, an antique carousel, and even trams for exploring the extensive grounds.

Constructed to mimic a Normandy Manor, the main house itself occupies nearly 13,000 square feet, featuring multiple suites, guest quarters, a library, and a kitchen. Outside, formal gardens, ponds, lakes, and secret hideaways filled the landscape, offering an intimate glimpse into Michael’s private world.

Sadly, Michael left Neverland in 2005 after being acquitted and never returned. He continued to own the property until his death in 2009. The property was later sold in 2020 to billionaire Ronald Burkle for $22 million.

Visit Museums To Learn More About Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s legacy isn’t confined to his music and his former homes. If you’re keen on diving deeper into the King of Pop’s awe-inspiring career, there are several museums that offer fascinating insights into his life and accomplishments.

Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

First up is the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, situated in Cleveland, Ohio. In 2001, Michael made history by becoming the youngest solo artist to be inducted into the hall of fame. This is a great place to learn more about Michael’s impact on the music industry and his place among the greatest musicians of all time.

The Hollywood Museum

Another treasure trove for Michael Jackson fans is The Hollywood Museum. Here, you can see the original outfit worn by the star during his ‘BAD’ concert tour. But that’s not all!

The museum houses the most extensive collection of Hollywood memorabilia. From Marilyn Monroe’s million-dollar dress and Elvis’ personal bathrobe to costumes from movies like Star Trek and Jurassic Park, this place is a haven for film and music enthusiasts alike.


As we round off this nostalgic journey, it’s clear that the spirit of Michael Jackson lives on in LA and beyond. Each location and museum offers a unique glimpse into the extraordinary life of the King of Pop.

So whether you’re a lifelong fan or a curious traveler, there’s no better way to celebrate and understand Michael Jackson’s legacy than to embark on this unforgettable tour.