Mirabell Palace and Mirabell Gardens

Mirabell Palace was first built in the 17th century for the lover of the prince bishop of the time. In the 18th century, it was rebuilt and became what it is today. Mirabile means admirable and bella means beautiful in Italian. Mirabell has a similar meaning, it means exquisite, wonderful in Italian. Mirabell is also used as a woman’s name in Italy. When we look at the garden of the palace, we clearly see that it lives up to its name.

The garden arrangement of Mirabell Palace is wonderful. In the garden decorated with colorful flowers, we come across ornamental pools, sculptures in the corners of the garden and in the middle of the ornamental pools that add a different atmosphere to the garden. If we take a look at the sculptures, there is a fountain with a statue of Pegasus, the flying horse, and sculptures representing fire, water, earth and air in the large fountain. The garden was built exactly facing the castle and people of today both relaxed in the garden and watched the castle from afar.

Salzburg Mirabell Sarayi Bahcesi
Salzburg Mirabell Sarayi Kale Manzarasi Fotograflari

Mirabell Palace was used as a wedding hall and organization building. Leopold Mozart and his children gave concerts in the palace, which is one of the best wedding halls in the world. Today it houses the municipal offices and the mayor of Salzburg.

Salzburg Mirabell Sarayi Bahce Tuneli
Salzburg Mirabell Sarayi Gorulecek Yerler

Mirabell Palace is one of the filming locations for the popular Hollywood musical The Sound of Music. They sing in various parts of the palace garden and the visual beauty of the movie is enough to draw people here. The movie takes place not only in the palace but also in many beautiful spots in Salzburg.

Where is Mirabell Palace and how to get there?

Mirabell Palace is located on the north bank of the river that divides the city in two. If you are on your way to Mozart Wohnhaus, you can continue a little further and reach the palace garden.