Mozart House and Museum

Salzburg is the city where Mozart was born, where he spent his childhood years, grew up and produced dozens of works. Salzburg has become more popular among tourists after Mozart was brought to the forefront. After the restoration of the buildings related to Mozart, Salzburg, one of the most important cities of Austria, has started to be touted as a Mozart city. Of course, this was good for Salzburg.

Who is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? Mozart was born in Salzburg and died in Vienna at the age of 35. He became one of the most important geniuses by fitting 626 works into his 35-year life. His father, Leopold Mozart, saw our Mozart start playing musical instruments at the age of 5 and became one of the most important composers in Europe. He participated in concerts with his father and met celebrities, adding to his success.

The House Where Mozart Was Born

The first day Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart opened his eyes, he was in the Altstadt (Old Town) of Salzburg, at number 9 on Getreidegasse Street, in a building painted completely yellow. It is said that he lived here until he was 17. The building is now the Mozart Museum and you can’t miss it because of the big Mozart’s Geburtshaus sign.

Salzburg Mozart Dogdugu Ev
Salzburg Mozart Dogdugu Ev Binasi

The Mozart Museum exhibits the musical instruments Mozart used in his early years as a composer, his friends and his interest in opera, the violin he played as a child, and his portraits. Entrance to the Mozart Museum is normally €11, but if you have a Salzburg Card, you can enter for free. You can enter the Mozart Museum via Getreidegasse and since the museum is big, you can also see the University Square with a view of the Universitatskirche at the back.

Mozart Dogdugu Ev Muzesi Eserleri
Mozart Dogdugu Ev Muzesi Piyanosu

Mozart Residence

On the opposite side of the river on Makartplatz, there is another building related to Mozart. Mozart Residence, an 8-room building, was also known as the Dance Master’s House since dance training was also given inside. Musical instruments, portraits and family paintings related to Mozart are among the artifacts we can see here.

Mozart Wohnhaus Salzburg Gezilecek Yerler
Mozart Wohnhaus Meydani

Mozart Wohnhaus is not hard to reach, but those who can’t find it should go to the square called Kamartplatz. The museum is across from the Hotel Bristol. There is also a sculpture called Caldera in the middle of the square.