Mozart House Museum: Where the famous composer lived in Vienna

When we think of Vienna, we think of one of the most famous names in the world, Mozart, one of the prolific names of classical music. The Mozart House and Museum in the center of Vienna is Mozart’s home, where he lived for 2.5 years and was later opened to visitors.

The artist, whose full name was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, took part in various concerts in Europe and started to reside in Vienna to further develop his music. It was during this period that he composed Ronda alla Turca, the Turkish Anthem, because of his admiration for Turks. The museum house is the house where Mozart and his family lived between 1784 and 1787. In this house, Mozart continued to practice his creativity and art, and this was the place where Mozart put his works The Marriage of Figaro and Don Giovanni on paper. Mozart’s house is not a single apartment, but a 3-story building with four large rooms, two small rooms and a kitchen. Photographs are displayed in the rooms and multimedia elements show the places where Mozart lived during his years in Vienna. Mozart’s interests in science, literature, fashion, gambling, etc. are explained.

Viyana Mozart Evi Muzesi Eserleri
Viyana Mozart Evi Muzesi Fotograflari

You know how there are some houses where celebrities live, the objects they have touched, the tables, armchairs and seats they sit at, and the places where they eat are filled with as much stuff as you can imagine? We can say that the Mozart House Museum lacks these items. There are only a few pieces of furniture, so if you are expecting a full place, you might be disappointed. But after all, Mozart lived here for a few years, the rest is up to your imagination.

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How much is the entrance fee to the Mozart House Museum?

The entrance fee to the House of Mozart is 11€. Everyone says that this price is too much for such a place and we think they are right. Luckily, we had a Vienna Pass card and we entered for free. Visiting hours of Mozart House Museum are between 10:00 – 19:00 every day.

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Where is Mozart House and how to get there?

Located in the center of Vienna, next to St. Stephan’s Cathedral, the Mozart House Museum can be easily found at Domgasse 5.