Museum of Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide

Museum of Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide is a painful museum that reveals the truth in all its strikingness. Between 1992 and 1995, the Bosnian war, both in Srebrenica and elsewhere, was not forgotten.

Although it is not a big museum, it is full. If you want to understand the poignant history of Bosnia, you should definitely go in. The genocide in Srebrenica, the siege of Sarajevo, mass graves, sexual violence, massacres against children, camps are among the subjects of the museum. After seeing the personal stories and belongings of the victims of war and genocide, I am sure you will think differently about Bosnia and Herzegovina when you leave the museum.

There is a room in the museum with notes written by visitors. In this room, where there are messages of peace from all over the world, a video about the Bosnian war and massacres is also playing on the screen.

Saraybosna Soykirim Muzesi Not Odasi

There are many objects in the museum that tells the history of the Bosnian war. Of course, these are the belongings of the people and soldiers who lost their lives in the war. Letters, photographs, clothes, watches, glasses, medicine boxes, rosaries… Most of them were donated by the relatives of the dead.

Saraybosna Soykirim Muzesi Asker Esyalari
Saraybosna Soykirim Muzesi Gomlek

In the last room of the museum you can see items exhumed from mass graves. Wallets, cigarette boxes, bullet casings, watches, pacifiers and bones in the soil inside the glass area…

Saraybosna Soykirim Muzesi Toprak

Photographs of the suffering of people during the war are also on display in the museum. You can see and read painful photographs, reenactments in the cells and information about the camps where people were taken. Some of the explanations are in Turkish.

Saraybosna Soykirim Muzesi Hucreleri
Saraybosna Soykirim Muzesi Gezi Notlari

Where is the Sarajevo Genocide Museum? How to get there?

You can find directions to the museum on the signs in front of the cathedral. The name of the museum is written at the entrance of the building, if the door is closed, you can open the door by pressing the bell. After entering the building, you can go up 1 floor to the museum.