Leopold Museum and Mumok Art Museum (Museumsquartier)

One of the first places you should visit on your trip to Vienna is the Museumsquartier, where the Mumok, the Vienna Museum of Modern Art, and the Leopold Museum are located. Museumsquartier, like many other places in Vienna, is a place where you can experience an art explosion, which can be the center of culture and art movements. Because the works of Europe’s most famous painters are exhibited here. Since it is located in the center of Vienna, its synergy is quite strong.

This large area, which was used as a palace stable during the existence of the empire, was first transformed into an exhibition area and then into a museum complex after restoration and arrangements. In addition to the museums, there are also cafes, relaxation areas and other exhibition halls.

Viyana Museumsquartier Gezilecek Yerler
This is MuseumsQuartier. The right side of this photo, taken from the Leopold Museum, leads towards the royal square, and entrances are through the same gate. The dark building opposite is MUMOK, a famous art museum in Vienna.

This is a square in Vienna where art museums are located together. This square is called Museumsquartier (MQ) and you will see this name on the top of the building at the entrance. It is also known as MuseumsQuartier Wien or Museumsplatz. When you enter through the entrance underneath the building, you will see a large area with artistic seating and resting benches in various parts of the square. People chat, read books and even sunbathe in the summer. Since the square is open to the public, there is no charge to enter, but if you want to enter the buildings inside, there is a separate fee as each one is a separate museum.

Museumquartier Haritasi
Museumquartier Map


Museumsquartier is surrounded by two important art museums. The one on your right, made of dark stone or marble, is called Mumok, a combination of the first letters of Museum Moderner Kunst, which is German for Museum of Modern Art. At the Museum of Modern Art Ludwig Foundation, you can see many works of modern art. Andy Warhol, one of the most important representatives of the Pop movement, Pablo Picasso, the founder of cubism, Claes Oldenburg, Roy Lichtenstein, Wolf Vostell, Nam June Paik, Franz West and Gerhard Richter are among the artists whose works you can see.

Viyana Museumsquartier Mumok Sanat Muzesi Binasi
Museum of Modern Art Ludwig Foundation' building

Mumok opening hours are as follows; Mondays 14:00 – 19:00, Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 – 19:00, Thursday 10:00 – 21:00. The entrance fee to the Mumok art museum is 11€, free for Vienna Pass holders.

Leopold Museum

The light-colored building on the left side of Museumsquartier is the Leopold Museum. Many art lovers from all over the world come to see this museum. When it comes to world-famous painters, there are plenty of visitors.

Viyana Museumsquartier Leopold Muzesi Binasi
Viyana Museumsquartier Leopold Muzesi Tablolari

One of the main collections of the museum is Egon Schiele’s paintings. Schiele, whom we can easily recognize with his erotic paintings, created very important works in his short life. Many works of Gustav Klimt, who influenced Schiele intensely, are also exhibited here.

Viyana Museumsquartier Leopold Muzesi Egon Schiele Eserleri
One of Egon Schiele's erotic paintings. The man here is Egon Schiele himself. When he painted himself, he did not neglect to create a frightening vision, which is the case in most of his drawings. He depicted himself with red eyes, no feet and deformed legs.
Viyana Museumsquartier Leopold Muzesi Gustav Klimt Olum Yasam
One of Gustav Klimt's most important and famous works, Death and Life. On the left, death with the sign of the cross and a stick in his hand, and people of all generations hugging each other tightly.

The entrance fee to the Leopold Museum is 13€ for adults, and if you have a Vienna Pass you can enter this museum for free. It can be visited between 10:00 – 18:00 every day of the week except Tuesday. The closing time on Thursday is 21:00.

Viyana Museumsquartier Leopold Muzesi Gezi Notlari
Viyana Museumsquartier Leopold Muzesi Sanat Eserleri

If you don’t have a Vienna city card and want to enter the museums, you can buy a combined ticket instead of buying separate tickets. Even if it’s a few euros, it’s worth keeping in your pocket. The combined ticket price for Mumok + Leopold Museum is 20,50€.

Where is Museumsquartier and how to get there?

If you take the U2 metro line and get off at the Museumsquartier stop, you will be at the closest stop to the square. Since Museumsquartier is located in a very large area, you can also take the U2 and U3 metro lines and get off at the Volkstheater stop. You can also get off at the Volkstheater stop and take the 49 train or the 48A bus line. Since the places to visit in Vienna are close to each other, if you include this place in your sightseeing route, you can easily reach it on foot.