National Museum of Fine Arts Valletta

One of Malta’s leading museums, the National Museum of Fine Arts is housed in a historic house known as Casa Miasi. Among them, mainly paintings by Maltese people are exhibited.

Built in the 18th century, the Italian-style palace exhibits works from the 15th to the 20th century. As you go up to the exhibition halls of the palace, you feel a real Italian style with its white stairs and walls.

Guzel Sanatlar Ulusal Muzesi Italya Stili

2 halls of the museum are dedicated to the Maltese artist Mattia Preti. Mattia Preti is a world-famous painter who has a painting called Wedding at Cana in the National Gallery in London. In addition to this artist, the works of Guido Reni, Giuseppe Ribera, Matthias Stom, Bernardo Strozzi are also exhibited in the museum.

Guzel Sanatlar Ulusal Muzesi Resimleri
Guzel Sanatlar Ulusal Muzesi Tablolari

The museum is not only about painting. There are also works by two famous Maltese sculptors, Melchiorre Gafa and Antonio Sciortino.

Guzel Sanatlar Ulusal Muzesi Heykeltiraslar

Since the museum does not have a large collection, it is not a place to spend a lot of time. The National Museum of Visual Arts can be visited every day between 09:00 – 17:00 for 5€.

Guzel Sanatlar Ulusal Muzesi Mimari Yapisi
Guzel Sanatlar Ulusal Muzesi Tavan Suslemeleri
Address: National Museum of Fine Arts, South Street, Valletta