National Polytechnic Museum Sofia

The National Polytechnic Museum is one of the few museums in Sofia where you can closely examine different techniques and technologies. Collections of unrelated machines such as musical instruments, calculation techniques, mining lamps and automobiles are on display.

You have to pay 5 Leva per person to enter the museum. When you enter the museum, we see that the descriptions of the mechanical items on display are written in Bulgarian. Although the explanations are in a language we cannot understand, some of the explanations are supported with visual elements. So you can understand the basic logic of some of the tools.

Sofya Politeknik Muzesi Gezilecek Yerler
Sofya Politeknik Muzesi Teknik Cihazlar

There is a wide variety of products inside. The products are categorized and gathered in a single area according to the category. For example, we can see the point where cell phone technology has come from the past to the present. Sony Ericsson’s big phones with antennas are shown.

Sofya Politeknik Muzesi Telefonlar
Sofya Politeknik Muzesi Gezisi

Another showcase gives an insight into the history of calculators and displays calculating instruments that started to be used 150 years ago.

Sofya Politeknik Muzesi Hesap Makineleri
Sofya Politeknik Muzesi Hesap Makineleri Detay

The museum has also taken up the subject of food in the kitchen. It is very interesting to see the tools that were used before the technological tools that we can now easily handle with machines. At the beginning of the 20th century, we can see how the machines used to make ice cream, juicers, etc., which today are powered by electricity and require less labor, used to be.

Sofya Politeknik Muzesi Mutfak Gerecleri
Sofya Politeknik Muzesi Aletleri

If you are interested in technical equipment, its functioning and basic logic of operation, be sure to visit the museum.

Address: Opalchenska 66, 1303 Sofya