Kastabala Ancient City

Kastabala Ancient City

Kastabala Ancient City, located 12 kilometers north of Osmaniye city center, is an ancient city developed around a castle built in the Middle Ages near the Ceyhan River.

The ancient city, which was first discovered by the British E.J.Davis in 1875, was built close to the ancient city of Anavarza. Archaeological excavations in the ancient city, which was examined with excavations in the summer months, were started in 2009. According to the inscriptions found, the name of the city is Kastabala Hieropolis and there are columned streets, amphitheater, basilica, church and kamam ruins in the city. Kastabala Hierapolis Ancient City, one of the most important ancient cities of Çukurova, is built on a large area of 1500 acres.

Kastabala Hieropolis Antik Kenti
Kastabala Hieropolis Antik Kenti Gezisi

Next to the ancient city of Kastabala, the castle built on a rock ledge overlooking the plain is called Kastabala Castle, also known as Bodrum Castle.

Kastabala Kalesi Gezi Yazisi
Kastabala Antik Kenti Sutunlu Cadde

Excavations are ongoing in the ancient city, but no magnificent structures have been uncovered yet. It is also said that treasure hunters come here especially at night and do research. There are no good artifacts other than the columns in the ancient city. Although going to Kastabala Ancient City is a waste of time for now, we hope to see a better city in the coming years.