Pendennis Castle: Amazing Historical Trip at Falmouth

Looking for an amazing historical trip you can take in England? Pendennis Castle is a very good choice for a historical trip. Located in Cornwall, this castle is a breathtaking example of Tudor architecture and a must-see if you are visiting England.

Read on to find out more about what makes Pendennis Castle so special and why it is worth a visit.

History of Pendennis Castle

Pendennis Castle is a 16th-century castle in Cornwall, England. The castle was built by Henry VIII to protect the coast from Spanish and French invasion.

The castle was used as a prison, a home for the royal family and a tourist attraction.

The first record of Pendennis Castle dates back to the 12th century when it was known as Meneagant. The castle was captured by the English in 1461 during the Wars of the Roses.

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The castle changed hands several times between the English and the French before being recaptured by the English in 1522.

Henry VIII began construction of Pendennis Castle in 1539 to protect against invasions from Spain and France.

The castle was completed in 1545 at a cost of over £32,000. It was one of four castles built by Henry VIII to defend the coast of England.

Pendennis Castle served as a prison in the 17th and 18th centuries. In 1857 Queen Victoria gave Pendennis Castle to the Duke of Cornwall as a residence for him and his family. Today Pendennis Castle is managed by English Heritage.

What to see at Pendennis Castle?

There is much to see at Pendennis Castle, from the well-preserved Tudor buildings to the spectacular coastal views.

The castle has a long and rich history dating back to the 11th century and there are many interesting stories to tell about its past.

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The castle’s position on top of a cliff overlooking Falmouth harbor makes it an ideal point for defense and throughout its long history Pendennis has been involved in many battles and conflicts.

Today visitors can explore the castle’s many rooms and chambers, including the Great Hall, Chapel and Royal lodgings.

Aside from its fascinating history, Pendennis Castle is also a beautiful place to just take in the view.

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The views from the castle walls stretch for miles along the Cornish coastline, making it an ideal place to enjoy a sunny day.

Things to know before visiting Pendennis Castle

Pendennis Castle is a popular tourist destination in England and for good reason. The castle is beautifully preserved and offers spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. Here’s what you need to know before your visit to Pendennis Castle:

  1. Plan your visit in advance. Pendennis Castle can be very crowded, especially during the summer months. By planning your visit in advance, you can avoid the crowds and make the most of your time at the castle.
  2. Dress for the weather. Pendennis Castle is located on the coast of Cornwall, so the weather can be unpredictable. Make sure to dress in layers so you can adapt to temperature changes throughout the day.
  3. Give yourself enough time. Allow yourself enough time to explore every part of the castle. Pendennis Castle is full of hidden treasures, from secret rooms to hidden staircases.

Guided tours

Today, Pendennis Castle offers guided tours to help visitors learn more about the history of this majestic structure.

On these tours, you will be able to explore the walls, towers and different rooms inside the castle with a tour guide.

The tour guide will explain everything about the history of the castle and how it played an important role during the Second World War. There are also many interesting artifacts to explore, along with the beautiful gardens outside.

Visiting hours and entrance fees

Pendennis Castle is located in Cornwall, England and is open to the public for visits. The days the castle is open are from 10 am to 4 pm. Last entry is one hour before closing.

Pendennis Castle is owned by English Heritage, not the National Trust. You need to be a member of English Heritage or Cornwall Heritage Trust to get free entry.

If you buy tickets on the English Heritage website, you can reserve your place in advance, guarantee your entry and avoid queuing for tickets. Tickets bought online are also discounted compared to tickets bought at the entrance.

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The ticket you buy is an all-day ticket. Between 11 am and 2 pm, the castle is at its busiest. You may want to plan accordingly.

Where is Pendennis Castle?

Pendennis Castle is a coastal castle in Cornwall, England. It was built during the reign of Henry VIII and is now owned by English Heritage.

The castle is situated on the east side of Falmouth Harbour, on a promontory overlooking St Mawes across the water.

It offers spectacular views from its cliff-top position and is easily accessible by car or public transport from nearby towns such as Truro or Falmouth.

How to get to Pendennis Castle?

To reach Pendennis Castle you need to take the A39 road from Falmouth. The castle is located just outside the city center, so it is easy to find. Once you arrive at the castle, there is plenty of parking available.


Pendennis Castle is an extraordinary place to visit in England, with fascinating history and spectacular scenery. From impressive sea forts to beautiful gardens, it is a great place to spend an interesting day.