Pigeon Valley

Güvercinlik Valley, like many other places in Cappadocia, is a spectacular valley that cannot be sated. Güvercinlik Valley, which is located in a large area starting from Uçhisar Castle and reaching to Göreme, attracts great attention from travelers because it is on the road.

While watching the unique view of Güvercinlik Valley, the man-made holes on the rocks will surely attract your attention. These holes were carved by people for pigeons. When pigeon breeding was at the forefront, people used to benefit from the dung of the pigeons that lived and mated here.

In addition to pigeon dung, which was good for the vineyards, pigeon eggs were also used in important places of worship such as churches. The murals painted on the walls, called frescoes, have survived to this day thanks to the pigeon eggs.

Kapadokya Guvercinlik Vadisi Guvercin Evleri
Kapadokya Guvercinlik Vadisi Mini Guvercin Evleri

Güvercinlik Valley is also a good trekking trail. On this 4000-meter-long trail, you can see beautiful natural formations very closely. If you have a lot of time to spend in Cappadocia, walking around Güvercinlik Valley will be a different experience.

Kapadokya Guvercinlik Vadisi Gezilecek Yerler
Kapadokya Guvercinlik Vadisi Gorulecek Yerler

The highest point from which the Pigeon Valley can be viewed is Uchisar Castle, the highest structure in the region. Uchisar Castle, which can be easily seen from many points of the valley, offers a magnificent view of the Güvercinlik Valley. During your visit to Güvercinlik Valley, go up to Uchisar Castle and experience the unique valley view in person.

Kapadokya Guvercinlik Vadisi Gezi Notlari
Kapadokya Guvercinlik Vadisi Uchisar Kalesi Goruntusu

Where is Güvercinlik Castle and how to get there?

When you turn onto Adnan Menderes Street from Nevşehir Ürgüp road and head towards Uçhisar Castle, Güvercinlik Valley will be on your right.

Park your car in the large area next to the Güvercinlik Valley Gift Shop and walk to the front of the shop. This is one of the most popular viewing points in the valley and the best place to take a panoramic photo of Güvercinlik Valley.

You can also see pigeons behind the tree branches with evil eye beads in front of it. It is possible to see viewing areas along the road towards Uchisar Castle. You can stop at suitable places and photograph Güvercinlik Valley from different angles.