Top Places to Stay in St. John, US Virgin Islands: Luxury, Budget and Everything In Between

Isn’t it time to escape the routine and dive into an exotic island experience? Yes, we’re talking about a sun-kissed, Caribbean escapade where azure waves gently lap against the pristine white sands.

We’re talking about the breathtaking beauty of St. John, the smallest and the most untouched of the U.S. Virgin Islands. In the heart of the Caribbean, St. John is a place where natural beauty and rich history are woven seamlessly together, offering visitors an unparalleled tropical retreat.

Understanding St. John

Before we embark on the virtual journey of choosing the best places to stay in St. John, let’s take a moment to grasp the charm of this unique Caribbean island. Sprawling over just 20 square miles, St. John’s geographical layout is a fascinating blend of tranquil beaches, lush green hills, and historic ruins.

More than half of the island is enveloped by the Virgin Islands National Park, a tropical paradise bustling with wildlife, hiking trails, and ancient petroglyphs.

But St. John is more than just a paradise for nature lovers. The culture here is as vibrant as the island’s flora. With its rich past and cultural heritage, the island offers a glimpse into the ancient Taino culture, Danish colonial history, and modern Caribbean influences.

And let’s not forget the welcoming locals, who are known for their warm hospitality and passion for celebrating life with music, dance, and food.

What makes a great place to stay in St. John?

Just like the beautiful beaches, vibrant flora, and rich history make St. John a fantastic vacation destination, certain aspects turn an accommodation into a dreamy getaway spot. Let’s uncover these elements.

Importance of location

First things first: location! In the context of St. John, a great place to stay is one that effortlessly blends with the stunning natural environment while offering proximity to the island’s attractions.

Whether it’s a sea-facing villa where the ocean waves become your morning alarm, a resort nestled amid the lush rainforest ensuring a tranquil stay, or a hotel in the heart of Cruz Bay offering the island’s best dining and shopping options – it all boils down to what kind of experience you desire. You may also consider how secluded or connected you’d like to be.

Do you want to wake up to a peaceful beach at your doorstep, or prefer being amidst the bustling town life? The location of your stay can make all the difference.

Local amenities and facilities

The next pivotal aspect is the amenities and facilities your place of stay offers. Remember, even the smallest details can enrich your vacation experience. A great place will ensure comfort, convenience, and a bit of luxury.

Think along the lines of a fully-equipped kitchen for those who love cooking, spa services for a rejuvenating massage, or a private pool for an exclusive dip.

Additionally, an efficient and friendly staff can make your stay more pleasant and hassle-free.

Also, consider whether your chosen accommodation provides recreational activities.

St. John is all about outdoor fun, and properties offering snorkeling gear, access to hiking trails, or sailing trips add an extra feather to their cap.

Top 5 luxury resorts in St. John

The resorts of St. John are where luxury meets the tropical beauty of the Caribbean. Let’s take a virtual tour of the top 5 luxury resorts in St. John that offer a perfect mix of opulence and comfort.

  • Caneel Bay Resort: Paradise Redefined

Located within the Virgin Islands National Park, the Caneel Bay Resort boasts of seven secluded beaches and lush green surroundings. With its top-notch dining options, world-class spa services, and a commitment to preserving the environment, Caneel Bay provides an unmatched luxury experience.

Us Virgin Islands Caneel Bay Resort
  • The Westin St. John Resort Villas: Your Home Away From Home

This hillside resort offers stunning views of the Caribbean Sea. The villas come equipped with a kitchen and even a washer and dryer, making them perfect for family getaways. From private pools to a full-service spa and various water sports activities, the Westin ensures you have a memorable vacation.

  • Gallows Point Resort: Where Luxury Meets the Caribbean Sea

Located on a lush 5-acre peninsula, Gallows Point Resort offers an intimate experience with nature without compromising on luxury. From well-furnished suites with ocean views to an on-site gourmet grocery and a sea-view pool, this resort offers an authentic St. John experience.

  • Estate Lindholm: A Blend of History and Comfort

Set amidst the ruins of an 18th-century Danish sugar plantation, Estate Lindholm uniquely blends historical charm with modern luxury. This boutique resort offers breathtaking views of the Cruz Bay and is just a stone’s throw away from the serene beaches.

Us Virgin Islands Estate Lindholm
  • Peter Bay Gatehouse: Privacy at its Peak

For those seeking ultimate privacy and luxury, Peter Bay Gatehouse is the answer. This gated community offers private villas with elegant decor, private pools, and unparalleled views of the National Park and the North Shore beaches.

Each of these luxury resorts on St. John offers a unique blend of lavish amenities, stunning views, and distinctive island charm, promising an unforgettable stay in the heart of the Caribbean.

Top 4 boutique hotels in St. John

For those who crave an intimate, personalized vacation experience, boutique hotels are the answer. Here are the top five boutique hotels in St. John that effortlessly combine luxury with the authentic vibe of island life:

  • Estate Lindholm: Experiencing Authentic Island Life

Estate Lindholm makes its second appearance on our list, this time for its boutique experience. With just 14 rooms, this hotel provides an intimate stay. Each room is designed with the aesthetics of the island in mind, providing a unique blend of history and contemporary luxury.

  • Cruz Bay Boutique Hotel: A Cozy Retreat

Located in the heart of Cruz Bay, this boutique hotel is just steps away from local restaurants, bars, and shops. With its chic, modern decor and friendly staff, it offers a cozy retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

  • Concordia Eco-Resort: Embracing Sustainable Tourism

Situated on the remote East End of St. John, Concordia Eco-Resort is a gem for eco-conscious travelers. The resort’s eco-tents and studios are designed to have minimal impact on the environment while offering magnificent ocean views.

  • Garden By The Sea B&B: Homely Hospitality

This quaint bed and breakfast offer three colorful rooms, each with private entrances and outdoor seating areas. Nestled between two beautiful beaches, this B&B also provides a delicious homemade breakfast and a private nature trail leading to Frank Bay Beach.

Each of these boutique hotels on St. John offers a distinct and intimate island experience. With their smaller size and attention to detail, they are perfect for travelers looking for a personalized, high-quality stay.

Top 4 vacation rentals in St. John

If you fancy a more private and homely experience, St. John’s vacation rentals could be the perfect choice for you. Let’s explore the top 5 vacation rentals on the island:

  • Villa Mear: Perfect for Family Vacation

Nestled atop a hill with stunning views of Fish Bay, Villa Mear is a luxurious home with four bedrooms, a full kitchen, and a private pool. This secluded villa is perfect for a family getaway or a group of friends seeking a peaceful vacation.

  • Cinnamon Breeze: A Romantic Getaway

Located in Peter Bay Estate, Cinnamon Breeze offers an exclusive and romantic setting with unparalleled views of the Caribbean Sea. The three-bedroom villa features a private pool, a hot tub, and is just a few steps away from a private beach.

  • Caribbean Palm Villa: Beachfront Bliss

This luxury beachfront villa located on the shores of Great Cruz Bay offers breathtaking sunset views. With four bedrooms, an infinity pool, and a private beach, Caribbean Palm Villa provides a perfect tropical retreat.

  • Calichi at Picture Point: Majestic Views to Soothe Your Soul

Overlooking the Coral Bay and the British Virgin Islands, Calichi at Picture Point is a collection of three villas offering mesmerizing views. Each villa has its own pool and is tastefully decorated, ensuring a luxurious and serene vacation.

Us Virgin Islands Calichi At Picture Point

Each of these vacation rentals offers something unique, whether it’s stunning views, private beaches, or tranquility amidst nature.

They provide a sense of home and freedom that you may not find in traditional hotels or resorts, making them a wonderful option for your stay in St. John.

Budget-friendly options in St. John

If you’re on a budget but still want to enjoy the beauty of St. John, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are some affordable options that don’t compromise on the quality of your stay:

  • St. John Inn: Comfort Meets Affordability

Located in the heart of Cruz Bay, St. John Inn offers comfortable rooms and suites at reasonable prices. With amenities like complimentary breakfast, beach equipment, and a short walk to the town’s best eateries and bars, this inn is a steal for budget-conscious travelers.

  • Cinnamon Bay Beach & Campground: Experience the Wild Up Close

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, Cinnamon Bay Campground is your best bet. Located within the Virgin Islands National Park, you can opt for bare campsites, cottages, or eco-tents. The campground also offers equipment rentals for water sports and hiking.

  • Lavender Hill Suites: A Touch of Luxury, Minus the Cost

Overlooking Cruz Bay, Lavender Hill Suites offers one and two-bedroom condos equipped with kitchens. The property’s location provides easy access to restaurants, shops, and ferry docks, making it a convenient and cost-effective choice.

  • Concordia Eco Resort: Budget-Friendly Eco Stay

We’ve mentioned Concordia Eco Resort before, but it’s worth noting again for its budget-friendly options. The eco-tents, in particular, are an affordable way to enjoy a sustainable stay with fantastic views of the Caribbean Sea.

  • Airbnb: Home Away From Home

Airbnb offers a multitude of options fitting various budgets, from shared rooms to private condos and villines. With a little research, you can find a perfect, budget-friendly place that meets your needs.

Things to consider when booking accommodation in St. John

Booking the perfect accommodation can turn your vacation from good to great. But what factors should you consider while booking your stay in St. John? Let’s explore:

  • Proximity to Attractions: St. John is brimming with attractions, be it the beautiful beaches, hiking trails, or historical sites. If you want easy access to these spots, consider choosing accommodations that are close to them.
  • Transportation: St. John is hilly and can be difficult to navigate without a vehicle. Check if your accommodation provides shuttle services or if there are taxi services nearby. If you’re planning to rent a vehicle, ensure your stay offers parking.
  • Amenities: From WiFi and air conditioning to kitchen facilities and swimming pools, the amenities offered by your accommodation can greatly impact your stay. Be sure to check these details before booking.
  • Accessibility: If you have special accessibility needs, look for accommodations that cater to these. This includes wheelchair-accessible rooms and facilities.
  • Pet-Friendly: If you’re traveling with pets, ensure that your accommodation is pet-friendly.
  • Budget: Finally, consider your budget. St. John offers a range of accommodations, from budget-friendly stays to luxurious resorts. Choose one that fits your budget without compromising on comfort and quality.

By taking these factors into account, you can ensure you choose the perfect accommodation for your needs, ensuring a memorable stay on the beautiful island of St. John.


St. John, the enchanting gem of the U.S. Virgin Islands, offers a diverse range of accommodations to make your stay unforgettable.

From luxury resorts and boutique hotels to vacation rentals and budget-friendly options, you’re sure to find a place that suits your preferences and budget.