John Lennon Wall: Representative of the Free Spirit

If you go to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, be sure to visit Prague’s most famous wall, the John Lennon Wall.

John Lennon is the legendary member of the band The Beatles. In 1980, he was shot dead and in memory of the musician, various graffiti was made on the John Lennon Wall and this wall was memorialized in this way.

In 1988, Gustáv Husák, the 9th President of Czechoslovakia, found the Lennon Wall, which had come to represent peace and love, repulsive and tried to prevent graffiti from being painted on it and to erase the existing graffiti and lyrics.

John Lennon Duvari Prag
John Lennon Duvari Prag Gezisi

John Lennon Wall, which ceased to be repulsive after the communist regime and became one of the most important tourist spots in Prague, used to have only John Lennon’s portrait, but now every visitor is free to draw something, write new graffiti and lyrics on the wall. So if you go back every year, you will see a different wall every year.

John Lennon Duvari Prag Gezilecek Yerler
John Lennon Duvari Prag Muzisyeni

John Lennon Wall has finally achieved its goal and has become a wall representing the free spirit. There are also musicians in front of the wall who play music for a living and sing John Lennon songs, adding a different atmosphere.