Karl Bridge: Most Important Landmark on Prague

One of the structures that defines the unique silhouette of Prague is the Karl Bridge. Connecting both ends of Prague, which is divided into two by the Vltava River, the Karl Bridge is worth seeing and should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Prague.

Karl Bridge, also known as Charles Bridge or Karluv Most, is a bridge built in the name of the Bohemian and Holy Roman Emperor Karl IV. It is possible to see the name of Karl, who ruled in the 1300s and made Prague the imperial capital, in many places in Prague such as Karl University and Karl Square.

Prag Charles Koprusu Vltava Nehri
Prag Charles Koprusu Gezilecek Yerler

The 516 meter long and 10 meter wide bridge is decorated with different sculptures. There are about 30 sculptures and most of them are replica versions. Because most of the original sculptures that have been here for centuries are either damaged or in danger of collapse, they are under protection in the national museum.

Different and monumental sculptures adorn Karluv Most, such as the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the relief depicting St. Jan being thrown into the river with the Cross of Lorraine, the statue of St. Kyrillos and St. Methodios, the statue of Bruncvik, the statue of the Virgin Mary, the statue of St. Luitgard and the Order of the Holy Trinity.

Prag Charles Koprusu Heykelleri
Prag Charles Koprusu Isa Heykeli

Karluv Most, which is closed to vehicle traffic, is also important in terms of tourism because many peddlers, painters and musicians are waiting for visitors to make money. Therefore, any painting or souvenir you buy is likely to be a bit more expensive than in the back streets.

Charles Bridge, the first bridge that tourists come to when they want to visit Prague and the most famous bridge in Prague, has a peaceful and romantic view. This bridge has an important place as it is the first bridge in Prague. The bridge has been protected by three towers, one at the Old Town end and two at the other end, to keep the crossings under control until today.

Prag Charles Koprusu Ikili Kuleler
Prag Charles Koprusu Old Town Kulesi

Old Town Bridge Tower

It is possible to go up to the towers on both sides of Karluv Most and get a great view of the bridge from another point on the bridge. We chose to climb the tower on the Old Town side and I’m glad we did.

Prag Kuleden Karl Koprusu
Prag Old Town Bridge Tower Kule

Built in 1380, you have to climb 138 steps to reach the top of the tower. This is the best vantage point for a bird’s eye view of the Charles Bridge and the Vltava River. For a fee, you can climb this tower, one of the best Gothic towers, until 22:00 in the summer.

Karl Bridge Museum

If you want to learn more about the medieval Karl Bridge, its history and construction, you can enter the Karl Bridge Museum right next to the Old Town Bridge Tower.

Karl Koprusu Muzesi Gezisi