Prague Lego Museum: Welcomes People of All Ages

Prague Lego Museum, one of the few Lego museums in the world, welcomes people of all ages, especially children, with great pleasure.

When you enter the Prague Lego Museum, you see toys made with materials such as wheels called Lego Technic. Normal cars, racing cars, underwater vehicles and many large vehicles made with these materials are exhibited in the museum.

Prag Lego Muzesi Teknik Oyuncaklar
Prag Lego Muzesi Oyun Legolari

The Lego Museum has every kind of vehicle you can think of made with Lego toys. Cities are built and exhibited with Lego toys. There are also interactive playgrounds where children can start and stop with buttons.

Prag Lego Muzesi Interaktif Oyunlar
Prag Lego Muzesi Odalari

Lego toys can be used to build not only small structures but also important tourist spots around the world. There are several examples in the museum, such as the Eiffel Tower or the Taj Mahal. These structures are built using thousands of Lego pieces.

Prag Lego Muzesi Evler
Prag Lego Muzesi Anit

The museum also has a room where visitors can play with Lego toys. Here you can spend unlimited time with dozens of Lego pieces. So we sat down and spent some time in this room.

Prag Lego Muzesi Rotasenin
Prag Lego Muzesi Oyun Odasi Rotasenin

The Lego Museum is famous for its concept toys as well as simple toys. This is the best place to see everything you need to know about the exclusive collections of the world’s most sought-after creations.

Prag Lego Muzesi Starwars
Prag Lego Muzesi Starwars Dark Weider

What is the entrance fee to the Lego Museum in Prague?

Since the Lego Museum is open until the evening hours, it makes sense to put it at the end of your museum plans. Prague Lego Museum is quite expensive. There is a discount for children. Of course, if you have a Prague Card, you can enter with 40% discount and you have to pay extra for photo shoots.