Sex Machines Museum in Prague

If you suddenly come across a chirping sex museum among the historic streets of Prague, you can enter without hesitation. Museums like the Prague Museum of Sex Machines are quite normal in Europe. However, there is a +18 age restriction in this article, let me tell you in advance.

The museum, called the Museum of Sex Machines, really exhibits sex machines used in previous centuries. You can see about 200 of these machines specially designed for people to get more pleasure. Since 2002, it has been serving as a museum consisting of 3 floors. The museum also provides information about the tools used. For example, there are machines that attract attention with the number of beats per hour. There are tools that can hit up to 350 per minute.

Prag Seks Makineleri Muzesi Hizli Alet
Prag Seks Makineleri Muzesi Bdsm Maskeleri

Of course, many of the machines and materials here are fantastical devices, each one pushing the boundaries of creativity. The protective hip belts used by jealous couples to prevent them from having intercourse with others, for example, or the device worn by mothers to prevent children from masturbating are also very interesting. The device beeps when the penis gets an erection and the parents realize what is happening.

Prag Seks Makineleri Muzesi Engelleyiciler
Prag Seks Makineleri Muzesi Antimasturbator

There is plenty of material for consensual BDSM relationships involving physical pressure and strong sensory stimulation. You can see a variety of face masks, hangers, stinging devices and much more.

Prag Seks Makineleri Muzesi Bdsm
Prag Seks Makineleri Muzesi Demir Bdsm

The museum includes not only sex tools, but also sexual objects such as clocks with nude women, playing cards, and cane designs designed as female figures or penises. We do not know if these were used for other purposes.

Prag Seks Makineleri Muzesi Dollygirl
Prag Seks Makineleri Muzesi Baston

Like dollhouses made up of toys, each room has miniature sex figures in action having intercourse. In addition to these, dozens of kinds of toys called dildos are also exhibited here.

Prag Seks Makineleri Muzesi Oyuncaklar
Prag Seks Makineleri Muzesi Dildo

In the past, there used to be a commercial creation called a magic box that was used for festivals or holidays. You would look inside through the compartments on the sides of the box and watch the naked woman inside. An example of this device is also on display in the museum.

Prag Seks Makineleri Muzesi Sihirli Kutu Bolmesi
Prag Seks Makineleri Muzesi Sihirli Kutu

There is also a small movie theater in the museum. In this theater with about 15 chairs, you can also watch the first porn movie in history. The movie, which you can watch in black and white, was shot in Spain in the 1920s. At the exit of the museum, there is a seat that is very popular with the public. If you sit on this red colored chair, it measures how available you are for sex. The results are not always accurate, of course.

What are the entrance fee and visiting hours of Prague Museum of Sex Machines?

The museum is located very close to Old Town Square. It is open until 23:00, so you can plan your visit accordingly. However, the entrance to the museum is a bit expensive, 250 CZK, but you can sit in the red seat for free.